How to Decorate A Recessed Wall Niche

How to Decorate A Recessed Wall Niche: Dos And Don’ts

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Wall niches are part of the house. Back in the old times, the alcove near the fireplace is used to store the firewood, and that near ceiling is for displaying painting or pictures.

Unfortunately, in modern times the niche lose its main function. Many house owners tend to leave the niche as it is.

Later, it could be the new house for spider. Before it happens, you have to claim it back.

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1. Do: Keep The Firewood

Give back the functionality of wall niches near the firewood. Put the fire log inside the wall niche and arrange them carefully. The color of the wood is a pretty addition for the vignette. Hang a painting art on the back.

When half of the fire wood is used, you can have another art. Besides, placing the wood in the niche brings the wood closer to the fire. During the winter, you do not have to go outside to refill the wood.

2. Do: Install Open Shelves

If you cannot fight them, then join them. Take control of this dull area by installing the open shelves. Pick the dark tones for the board to get the sophisticated look.

Go with brighter color if you want an eclectic vibe. The decoration on the shelf is up to you. Stacks of books, vases of flowers, figurines are some of the decorations you could choose. Some open boxes should be on the bottom shelf. They could be an emergency storage room.

Recessed wall niche decorating ideas

3. Do: Create Window Illusion

Install some decorative bars on the niches. Leaves and flowers are the common pattern to choose. For the niches near the ceiling, it would create majestic glow and atmosphere.

If the depth is quite large, install simple light inside and cover it with the colorful glasses. Light them up at night. Your house will look like a sacred religious place.

You could also store some items inside and build simple clear cabinet. A glass door will be convenient to fit this purpose.

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4. Dont: Put Hanging Plastic Ivy

If you do this, there will be new clutter in the corner. The area at the back will get less light and become wet. Then, you can expect to see molds and mildew all over it.

Remember that molds and mildew release certain substance to the air. You might have to gather your courage before cleaning it.

Besides, the hanging ivy creates perfect place for spiders and cockroach to breed. Even if it is not your wish, but you cannot deny that you did it.

5. Dont: Add Mural

This is an instant solution, but you might want to know more about it. Mural could be admired when done at the wall. Niches is not really a wall: it has certain depth.

If you want to do mural, the colorful pictures and images will be crafted on the deep side of the niche.

Can you imagine it? You literally have to go inside or flattening your eyes to enjoy the beauty. If you stand still, you could only see part of it.

All corners and space in the house are useful. The question is how you would like to transform them. If you just left it, it will be dusty and later turn into eye sore. Invest short time to make the spaces such as niches nicer. Follow the tips above and see the awesome result.

Unique and contemporary bedroom recessed wall niche decoration ideas

Recessed wall decorating ideas are a great way to add personality and interest to your living space. Recessed walls can be used in many ways, including for TV mounts or shelves.

There are some important things you need to remember when planning recessed wall design, so take note of these before you start moving any furniture. First off, make sure the area is clear you don’t want it blocked by anything else in the room!

Secondly, check that there is enough space between any nearby windows or doors so people can still walk through without bumping into anything. Finally, keep all electrical wires away from the area where you will be working on your project especially if you’re drilling holes!

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