How to Decorate a Tall Wall In Family Room

Five Ways: How to Decorate a Tall Wall In Family Room

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Embellishing a room is similar to put together the yin and yang. Some houses with limited spaces will find the illusions to make the room larger.

In the opposite, those who live in big houses are having hard time to decorate the tall walls.

Some tricks could be applied to make the room more compact and cozier.

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1. Create An Artistic Space

This option pops out in the first place in the list. Take the huge painting or art pieces and neatly hang them on the wall. In an instant, the plain wall has new life.

An oversize painting or ornament standing alone will make a bold contour in the room. If you put smaller frames together, arrange them in a way that may create another pattern.

It would add complexity and the artistic side of the decoration. Even though it may sound crazy, but you can attach ornamental floor tiles on the wall, too.

Tall Wall Decor Ideas

2. Play with Color

This choice let you determine the total budget for overall project. Are you fond of something bold and fancy? Then smear some artistic mural on the wall. If you are looking for something simple but complex, paint the wall with two contrast color, diagonally.

The results should not be stripes. It should be two solid triangle facing each other from the opposite corner. Trim on the wall could also be prettier. This time, pick darker color for the upper wall and lighter tone at the bottom.

Tall narrow wall decor

3. Add Trim

Tall walls could trick your brain and creates the illusion of unreachable peak. Break down the distance of your floor and ceiling by adding trims on the walls.

Install decorative crown and picture rail for the ceiling, baseboard for the floor and dado plus panel molding in the middle.  Imagine the size and do a simple sketch.

If you do not have enough money to do that, trick your eyes by painting half of the wall with different colors. Pick either similar or contrastive color.

4. Stack The Shelves

As the opposite of small family room that beg for more space, the tall wall yields spacious room. Just like how trim molding works: the shelves bring closer the ceiling to the floor.

In addition, you get extra spaces to store things. Extra tall dramatic board is a good choice. You can keep your books collection in it.

The floating types also work well, especially for those with the hearts of a collector. Finally, your private belongings could be adored by the guests.

5. Group The Elevated Furniture

Your decorated walls will not build the room itself. After setting the pleasant mood, it is time to choose the other flocks. A tall wall usually has two windows attached: the top and bottom window. Pick a curtain that could cover both.

If you get a fireplace, put a wall decoration that would furnish all the way to the top of the wall. Choose the pendant or wall lighting. Set the light to shine to the center. It resembles the sun light illuminating the dark room.

“When life gives you lemon, then make lemonade”. Remember this saying before you give up with the tall walls in the family room. Define the gathering space as warm and comfortable instead of intimidating and dull. The ideas above work on many houses. You just need to decide which one you will apply to your home.

Tall wall decorating ideas

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