How to Decorate Living Room for Birthday Party on Budget

How to Decorate Living Room for Birthday Party on Budget

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You wake up in the morning and the marked date on your calendar. It is your family member’s birthday!

Are you going to be busy the next days? Do not give up and call a party planner yet.

Many things could be done by yourself and they are cheap, too.

Take a look at the simple and inspirational ideas below.

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1. Cake Bunting

This is a must have item in a birthday. In the blink of an eye, regular dessert table could be a spectacular one.

Many website provides free for download bunting template with a bunch of options: chalkboard, polka-dot, stripes, etc. Download the template that suits the birthday theme.

Print and cut them following the lines or the instruction. Attach the bunting on the twine or string. Take the string with similar tone for more cohesive arrangement. If you want to set the theme as lovely and bright, pick vivid color for the string.


2. Colorful Backdrop

A birthday is not complete without a wise saying or a sincere wish. Write down your personal messages on a piece of paper. Stuck? Grab one from the internet. You will need to buy some colorful toilet paper. Make a circle shape from the papers.

Choose an empty wall in the room and do quick estimation for the size of your letters. Scatter the colorful circles to form your birthday wishes. If you want more accent, try to cut the paper into star or heart shapes.

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Living Room for Birthday Party

3. Popsicle Runner

A gorgeous cake deserves a radiant runner on the table. Instead of buying a new table cloth, arrange some popsicles in zigzag form so the final product will resemble thorns. Smudge bright red, yellow, green and blue with a sponge to the runner.

Your hand print will do, too. If you do not want the dirty hands, splash the colors using the brush. Another way to color it is by letting the paint drops and creates its own art. This popsicle runner will be a great base for the cake or treats.

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4. A-door-able Streamers

Ding dong! The door bell rings. Welcome the guests from the moment they step into the house with festive streamers. You can buy one in the store. They are available in many colors. Put one of each color into your shopping bag. If the price is quite high, you can also use toilet paper.

Just pick either one that fits to your budget. Streamers will form fringes at the bottom. Thus, it will look like a fringe curtain. Apply painter’s tape or double tape to glue the curtain to the wall. This method also works with the toilet paper.

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5. Party Garland

Your living room will be lovelier with a garland. Since it is a birthday party, do not forget to give a party feel to the garland. The old Christmas decoration could lend you a big hand with this. Go a little bit creative with wrap paper.

Take one and divide them into two pieces. Glue one on the string and make tiny fringes using a scissor.  Alternating the wrap paper pattern will make better garland. Hang the finished product on the wall.

A birthday party is one of the memorable celebration for the person. You want to make an unforgettable party for your loved one. Never think that unforgettable is equal to expensive party. A humble anniversary in a marvelous living room could be an option, too. Make the decorations above and you will have your amazing party.

Birthday party theme for girl with purple

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