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7 Simple Tips to Decorate a Small Living Room

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Do you still confuse with how to decorate your small living room to make it more comfortable?

Here are some effective and simple ways to make your living room more spacious. Check it out.

1. Decorate with mirrors

Putting some mirrors in strategically position can make your room more spacious, airier, and brighter. A common idea for decorating a small living room is by hanging a large mirror in the central location to trick people’s eyes.

Besides, you can put the large mirror behind a candle or lamp to reflect the light. If it is possible, you can put a large mirror across the window to give the illusion from another side and to reflect the view.

Mirror for small living room
Big mirror in small living room, Image:

2. Use neutral colors for a small living room

Choosing the neutral colors on the wall, ceiling, floor, and furniture can make your room more spacious and brighter.

The most popular colors are beige and white because those colors can expand the room by appearing as if the walls are pulled back. Soft colors also tend to illuminate the space by reflecting glow.

Moreover, some neutral colors can create a calm and sophisticated environment.


3. Choose furniture with a lightweight appearance

You have to consider the visual weight of the furniture you buy because it will perceive the heaviness of the objects based on the design, size, material, and color.

Choose the lightweight appearance furniture to make your room more spacious and airier. Choose the furniture that has legs and prefer the pale color over the darker one to make your space larger and brighter.


4. Select small-scale furniture

Opting furniture that is not dominating the space will complete your small living room. Besides, choosing a thin arms sofa is preferable to illuminate your room as well.

While choosing for sofa or chair, you should consider choosing the armless one than the model with arms to take up less space.

5. Make use of corners

Utilizing corners of your space to put an extra chair, bookshelf, or table can be a great idea to make your room more livable. You can also tuck a comfortable and unique chair on the corner to create a cozy reading space.

Corner table designs for living room
Corner table for small living room, image:

6. Match your curtain color to your wall

Choosing the curtains that can blend with the walls can create the unbroken line. It can also make the room getting larger and more spacious.

You can decorate the room by choosing a shimmery lamp or object that has a similar effect as a mirror to reflect the light and make your space brighter.

7. Sneak in some storage

Sneak in some storage is an easy way to make your space look larger. Keeping a small room from becoming messy is choosing furniture with storage to save objects, such as a coffee table with a shelf below or a bench with bins.

Opting that multifunction furniture will make your room tidier and more spacious.

What are your favorite ideas for decorating your space less room look more spacious? Choose the one which suits on you.

Bookshelves for small living room
Bookshelf for small living room, image:

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