Smart tips to make small living room look bigger

9 Smart Tips to Make Small Living Room Look Bigger

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In building a house, there are various problems faced by homeowners. One of the issues is about the limited space to accommodate every family member’s need to have in a house.

If you are one of them, you need to be smart to make most of the limited space, especially in your living room.

Need some tips and enlightenment? We’ve got you covered!

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1. Use Lightweight Materials or Fabrics

The first and easy tip to make your small living room feel and look bigger is to use lightweight fabrics. In other words, you need to avoid using heavy fabrics as they can add more ‘weight’ to how your living room feels. Besides, heavy materials can absorb too much light coming to your living room.

Therefore, always opt for light-weight fabrics such as curtains from light linen. Such fabrics can make your small living room more airy.

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Tips to Make Small Living Room Look Bigger with Neutral color and Lightweight Materials or Fabrics

2. Cool Colors Can Do the Job!

Now that you already know what kind of materials or fabrics you need to use for your living room decorations, you also need to know what kind of colors or shades you should choose. While light weight fabrics can make your living room look bigger already, you can also rely on white colors.

A room that is dominated by white rooms tends to look and feel bigger or even the largest. However, white is not the one and only color that works here. You can also use light blues and greens to make your small living room brighter. Splash those kinds of colors to instantly make your living room more spacious.

Green wall for living room look bigger. The tips is using cool colors

3. Monochromatic Colors Can Also Do the Job!

If you think you don’t like light blues and light greens, you can still use other colors to make your living rooms look bigger. Those colors are the monochromatic colors. When it comes to fittings, furniture, ornaments, soft furnishings, carpets, and curtains, you need to use different tones, hints, and shades, all of which belong to a single hue.

This kind of color scheme will feel easy to the eyes. This kind of hue will make you more able to take in the whole living room without feeling interrupted by other shades.

4. Count Mirror In!

Yup! Mirror can solve the problem. Many homeowners have relied on mirrors to make their small living space look bigger. In fact, they do work! Mirrors have that quickest way of making a tiny space look bigger and larger.

If you plan to use mirror but you don’t favor something wall-to-wall, you can lean a mirror with oversize full length against the wall. You can also hang a couple of mirrors by adopting salon style. Not only will this kind of style enlarge your room, but also create an additional statement to your wall.

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Monochromatic Colors and Mirrors for small living room look bigger

5. Shelf Smart!

Do you have lots of books that you want to display in your tiny living room without making the room packed? Well, the key is in how you work with your shelves! For your tiny living room, you can use floor-to-ceiling shelves or bookcases.

This kind of bookcase can make your living room’s ceilings appear higher. In addition to the right kind of bookcase, you also need to pay attention to how you fill up your shelves. Don’t fill up all the spaces of the shelves or bookcases! Make sure you leave some empty spaces there. That empty space will add more airy look to your living room. Be shelf smart!

Nice tips using Smart Shelf for small living room

6. Clean!

Cleaning the windows of our living room is not merely about making it clear and clean. Clean windows can also contribute to the enlargement of a living room’s look. Make sure you clean your dirty windows regularly as the dirty ones can prevent sun light from coming through the windows.

Besides, dirty windows can distract our eyes. In cleaning the windows, don’t forget to clean them inside out. For the cleaning solution itself, you can just use white vinegar sprayed to the windows using a spray bottle. After spraying, dry the windows with an old newspaper.

7. Declutter Please!

After living for quite a while in your house, you may not be aware of the amount of pile of things you no longer use. You may also not aware that you have cluttered your small space in your living room too much.

Now, it is the time to declutter! There is nothing worse than a pile of clutter to make your small living room feel even smaller. Clean up, tidy up, and declutter all the unnecessary objects in your living room. Give more free and empty space to your living room so that the room has more airy spaces.

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Declutter and Less is more Furniture as tips for living room look bigger

8. Less is More Furniture

You may define a comfortable living room as a room with a couple of furniture that serve you as many functions as you want and need. While that’s somehow correct, you may need to carefully consider the number of furniture you include to your small living room.

Instead of using lots of furniture that can consume most spaces of the room, you can use multi-purpose one. This kind of furniture can help you organize your things and also provide you storage without taking up lots of space. Pick out furniture with dual use to get those functions all at once. The example of furniture you can use is an ottoman that can function as a storage, table, and seating.

9. Clever Lighting

The last tip to make your small living room feel bigger is about dealing with lighting smartly. For a small room, you can use overhead lights that can draw anyone’s eyes to a particular spot. Also, you need to use different options of lighting that are dotted around the living room. The example of this decoration is using lamps on your living room wall along with tiny table lamps and also candles.

Small living room lighting. The other tips for look room bigger

Having small space for living room should no longer be a problem. You only need be more creative and smart in the way you choose your furniture, adjust the lighting, maintain the cleanness of the room, and pick the right colors and shades for the whole room.

How to Make Small Living Room Look Bigger. This 9 Tips for you

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