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Wall Décor Ideas with Recycled Wood

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Do you find too many unused wood around your house? Don’t let them clutter your environment and make your house cramped.

It’s the time to reuse the wood and to create an interesting and gorgeous addition to your wall décor. Take a look at the following wall décor ideas that can be done with your recycled wood.

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1. Wooden Headboard

Do you find your bedroom boring? Has your bedroom had a statement? Well, creating a statement for your bedroom doesn’t always equal to buying new furniture.

Create one instead! You can create headboard for your master bed. Grab some repurposed panels that are no longer used. Then, stain those panels with a darker color.

To make the look of the headboard more stunning, you can sand them to make a romantic, distressed, rustic, and appealing headboard. This kind of headboard will be a nice addition to your plush bed. As the result, your bed will look more than just cozy to relax and to rest!

Wooden Headboard Recycled Decor Ideas

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2. Wine Rack

Are you fans of wine? If yes, you can do this wine rack making project as your new wall décor. Not only will you get a new beautiful addition for your favorite wall, you will also get additional storage for your favorite beverage. Even more, with this wine rack from recycled wood, you can also create a vintage look to your favorite wall.

What you need to make this wine rack are a couple of wooden boards that are repurposed and smooth. Then, you need to deconstruct the pallet boards with particular designs of your choice to create both decorative and functional piece of art. This kind of wine rack will need some design skill and a touch of creativity. But, the result will be so amazing!.

Vintage Wine Rack using Wood Recycled

3. Wood Wall

Don’t let your favorite wall be empty! Speak more through your wall décor. You don’t necessarily spend much on this wall décor as all you need are just some repurposed pallet boards. To create bold and expansive look to your favorite wall in the house, grab some pallet boards and combine them with colorful chaos.

Then, plan a design to attach them to the wall. Create such artistic order to make a wall that becomes the accent and statement of the room. This kind of wall décor is both immensely beautiful and also eco-friendly.

Wood wall art decor ideas with flower pots

4. Shoe Rack

Another way to décor your wall using reclaimed wood is by making shoe rack. While this rack can keep and organize your shoes collection tidily and neatly, you can also use the rack as additional piece to decorate your empty wall. To make this shoe rack, you need to get some salvaged wood and a couple of steel pipe legs.

With those materials, you can expect to store and organize up to four pairs of shoes on every level of the rack. Before starting the project, decide how many levels you want the rack to have and choose two different lengths. Also, you need to decide the size of the rack’s space so that it can hold your shoes that come in many sizes and shape.

Wooden recycled Baby shoe rack wall decor ideas

5. Shoe Rack Bench

You may get interested in making wall décor by making shoe rack but then you get confused on the limited space provided in the room. Don’t worry! You can make multipurpose shoe rack. In this wall décor ideas, your shoe rack can function as the storage of your shoes, a bench as seating area, and of course as the decoration of the empty wall.

This kind of shoe rack bench can be used to decorate your porch wall or mudroom. This shoe rack bench can be made with your choice of specifications to meet the need of your shoe storage. Also, you can choose any color for the stain so that the shoe rack bench can match the overall color theme of your home.

Shoe Rack Bench Wall Decor Ideas

6. Farmhouse Message Board

Do you often forget something to do in the kitchen or dining room or in any other room? If yes, it’s the time to display your to-do list on the wall! Stop making a boring message board and opt for your repurposed wood to make a farmhouse message board. To make this functional wall décor, you will need pallet woods and also chicken wire.

To make it, you need to arrange the pallet wood to make a frame and then attach the chicken wire in the middle of the wooden frame. Add come paper clip to hang your message and give some stain to get your preferred look. This farmhouse message board will be a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Farmhouse Message Board Wall Decor Ideas

7. Coffee Cup Organizer/Holder

Some homeowners like to collect various cups. As the time goes by, their collection then starts to pile up and they end up running out of space to store them. If this also happens to you, you can create an additional space to organize and keep your mug or cup collection.

What you need to do is making a pallet coffee cup holder. The materials needed are a couple of repurposed pallet boards, some nails that are strong enough to hang your cups or mugs, and some stain and or paint to add your favorite look to the pallet coffee cup holder. This cup organizer will be a cute addition to your kitchen wall while also being an artistic piece of art as a wall décor.

Wood recycled Coffee Cup Holder for wall decor

8. Jewelry Holder

Repurposed wood in fact can also be used to create another kind of holder or organizer. Make one for your kitchen as a cup holder and make another one for your jewelry collection. Once you make this, you will not need to buy a jewelry organizer from a store.

Craft one and store your jewelry beautifully and artistically. All you need are a couple of repurposed pallet boards that are finished with various paint colors of your choice. Once the stain and paint are dry, assemble the boards to make a larger board and then attach some decorative nails to hang your necklace and other jewelries. The pallet wood will certainly add a new vintage vibe to your empty wall.

Wooden jewelry holder wall decor ideas

So, which purposed wood project is your favorite? There are plenty of ideas to make a wall décor from unused wood that you can find around your house. Don’t let them clutter your house. Give a touch of art and creativity of yours to beautify your house and to provide you additional storage.

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