Round black coffee table living room decoration ideas

Black Round Coffee Table Living Room Décor Ideas

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Having a nice table for living room will be very nice for the home owners. There are lots of tables that can be chosen, but coffee table can never go wrong.

For those who want to play with colors, black can be interesting to try, but how to style this black round coffee table? Here are some tips. Check it out.

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1. Succulent or Terrarium

For those who are fond of the healthy house concept, placing the succulent and terrarium can make the air fresher. Then, the succulent and terrarium can stand out in the table itself since the table is black. If you place the table in the center of the living room, the plants can become the focal point of the room itself.

You can place the succulent or terrarium at the center of the table, or you can place several succulents and terrariums at the table to create the dimension. However, you need to consider the composition and the number of plants you choose to avoid the table getting crowded.

Round coffee table living room decor ideas with book, succulent, terrarium, or other plants

2. Little Lamp

Placing the black round coffee table can be very plain for the room. Since the table needs to be the center point of the room, a little light can help the table to stand out. Therefore, you can place a little lamp on the center of the coffee table itself.

You can also place the table under the hanging lamp on your living room. When the night comes, the light will make the coffee table cuter, and the combination of the light and the coffee table will make the room warmer.

3. Candles

As mentioned previously, adding some light to your living room is essential to make the living room itself feels warmer. If you like vintage theme, placing some candles in your black round coffee table is the right choice.

You can choose any candle size or you can also try out adding scented candle to create the relaxing atmosphere. To make it more interesting, you can put the candles in the unique candleholder. However, you need to mind the arrangement to make the aesthetic decoration.

Candles or little lamp can be good ideas for black round coffee table decor ideas

4. Books

If you like reading the books, the round coffee table can be the best place to store your favorite book. It is so because you can easily grab the book while you are enjoying your coffee, or when you are just chilling out in your living room.

You can place one or two books there, and if you want to store more books, you can modify your coffee table. Modifying it is actually very easy since you just need to add some planks in the table legs and you can store your books there. Making it will be very useful for you and it can also add some aesthetic value to your living room.

5. Rug

Having the black round coffee table is actually very favorable since it can be styled easily and it can go with other things well. To make the table stands out more, you can add a colorful rug that goes with the living room color below the table itself.

If you have monochrome-themed living room, you can add white rug or monochrome rug also to make the table blend well with your living room color. Adding the rug will make your living room cozier and more welcoming.

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6. Tablecloth and Flower Arrangement

Another styling idea for your black round coffee table is by adding tablecloth and flower arrangement. The tablecloth that you choose should go well with the surroundings, like the sofa color, cushion, cupboard, or other things in your living rooms.

Then, you can add your favorite flower on top of the tablecloth to make the table cuter. Combining these two items will make your living room more alive.

7. Fruits

Since the coffee table will be the center of the living room, having a basket of fruit on top of it will be very beneficial. It is because the family members or guests can grab the healthy snacks right away while it makes a very fresh decoration.

Then, the different colors between the fruits and the coffee table will emphasize the color combination more. Besides, both items can stand out more and they will make your living room brighter.

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8. Antique Tray with Little Decorations in it

If you are fond of vintage-themed design, this kind of decoration for your black round coffee table is very suitable. If you have a tray at home, you can style it using ropes to add more vintage touch.

You can place the tray on top of the table and you can add some little decorations in it, like a pot of flowers, books, or even your favorite tableware. Again, you need to mind the arrangement so that the decorations will not get overdone or overlap with one another.

Round white black coffee table living room decoration with fruits and Antique Tray

9. Play with Color

Having the black-colored coffee table is somehow very hard to style since the color will not be very interesting. To make the table more stands out, you can play with the decorations color to create the contrast, like adding a bright colored flower arrangement on it.

If you have warm color for your living room, you can leave the table as it is since it will look good with the surroundings. To make the coffee table more noticeable, you can place it near your fireplace or simply put it on the center of the room.

10. Combinations

The last way to decorate your black round coffee table is by combining the items mentioned previously. In this case, you can combine the candle and books together, or you can combine the fruits and flowers in it.

You can be creative in styling it, but you need to make sure that the decorations go well one another to balance the decoration itself.

The coffee table itself will not use a lot of space and it can be the center of the living room. There are many ways to style this table. Home owners can also go wild in styling it, but some details should be considered carefully too so the table can go well with the décor.

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