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Tiny house decorating ideas living room interior DIY

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It’s safe to say that most people will prefer to have a large house than the tiny one.

In fact, some people are more comfortable to live in a tiny house. It’s because decorating living room interior for a tiny house is simpler and easier than decorating living room interior for a large house when you do it by yourself.

Hence, here are some ideas for a tiny house living room decoration you may try.

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1. Apply Hidden Storage

Sometimes when you have already left one room for storage, you just can’t keep clutters to appear, including in the living room. No matter how tidy you have arranged your stuff, there is always something disturbing your sight. If it happens in your living room, what makes you think that it won’t be happened in other rooms?

To solve that problem, it’s never too late if you want to apply a hidden storage. Don’t think too hard about what a hidden storage is. Technically, it’s a built-in flexible storage that is specifically designed to accommodate your belongings. Hidden storage can be made of any materials. Just look at the entire concept of your living room and match the hidden storage with the concept.

Talking about the shape, it’s clearly up to you as long as you are sure that the storage later can accommodate the unexpected clutters. One thing you have to note is that the shape of your hidden storage depends on the materials. You also have to think about its flexibility since the hidden storage has to be able to be moved anywhere and anytime.

Tiny house hidden storage ideas for living room or dining room small space

2. Focus on Vertical Dimension

When you have to deal with a tiny living room, you have to maximize all the space available without any exception; including on the vertical dimension. If you think that your tiny living room has no enough space to contain any furniture anymore, look at your upper space and think what you can do with it.

Try to draw attention upward by creating an impression of more spacious room. Therefore, this ideas will suit the most with house with high ceiling, although it’s not impossible for a house with low ceiling to apply this idea. The simplest example you may try is by putting a long curtain for the window or arranging ornaments on vertical direction.

Nice tips using vertical furniture for living room tiny house ideas

3. Two or more Functions

In a tiny living room, you have to really consider what furniture you want to put since the available space can be limited. Hence, be wise in storing even a small thing to your tiny living room since it probably can waste some space. To deal with that issue, you may store furniture that has two or more functions at the same room. Don’t be too surprised with this idea.

This idea is mostly found being applied in studios with very tiny room space. They like to maximize the functions of their furniture to have more than one function. For example, the using of sofa that can take more than one forms. To maximize the space in your tiny living room, you can use a folding sofa that can be unfolded and transforms into a bed.

Tiny house furniture space saving living room

4. Maximize Every Single Corner

If you live in a tiny living room, this idea should not be a problem for you. No matter how many corners you have in your tiny living room, make sure you never leave them empty. Push your furniture as close as possible to the every corner in your tiny living room. Surely, you don’t have to worry if there is no enough furniture in your house.

You can simply fill every corner with art works. Whether you are going to create the art works by yourself or simply purchase it from any shop, you just have to make sure that the art works match the atmosphere. You also have to mind about the size of the art works since it can’t be too big if you have a tiny living room.

Optimize tiny house living room design ideas

5. Simple Window Treatment

Another thing you may try if you have a tiny living room is how you treat your window. Basically, there are two ways about how you can treat your window. You can decide whether you are going to use curtain or not. If you decide to use curtain, make sure you pick the right color. Use a curtain with fair color since it can help you to make the room looks brighter by reflecting the light.

Whether you are going to use curtain or not, don’t block the window with any furniture. It’s a basic knowledge about how you arrange your living room. Clear the areas near the window so that it makes the room more spacious. If later you decide to use curtain, it’s also recommended that you use the thin one.

Tiny house window wall design ideas living room

6. Downsize Your Furniture

This idea is much simpler and probably much cheaper too than creating, thinking, designing or organizing the decor for your tiny living room. You can simply decide what furniture you want to bring to your living room and make sure that it won’t be too big. Selecting small-sized furniture is just a proper way to deal with small living room, in case you run out of ideas about DIY projects.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t find any small furniture. Simply go to an antique shop. Don’t think that you will only meet antique furniture. Back to the old days, people liked to build small rooms; so do with the furniture. Therefore, it’s safe to say that you will find small furniture in an antique shop. You just have to choose the furniture that matches the atmosphere of your tiny living room.

Actually, having a tiny living room gives you more chance to express your ideas about how you can turn your ordinary house into something special. As long as you are sure that you the budget is not a problem for you, decorating a living room for tiny house isn’t really a big deal.


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