Different types of porch roofs
Different types of porch roofs, Source image: homedesignersoftware.com

Different Types of Porch Roofs

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The last touch that could make your house prettier is porch roof. This job is not simple, considering that there should be harmony of the furniture and the porch roof.

Here is most popular types of porch roofs that you should to know before making your own:

1. Gable Porch Roof

This style is popular in America. The porch roof gains a lot of popularity because of its flexibility: it suits perfectly to any type of house. It is composed of wide triangle-shaped roof. Thus, it is broader than the porch and let the water flow smoothly from the roof.

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Another preferable point is its durability. To complete the decoration of your house, you can also install the front porch roof. The rustic porch would be the lovely pair for gable porch.

Gable porch roof construction
Image: mixvn.net

2. Shed Style Porch Roof

This porch roof provides an extension to your house. It has falling surface that will be placed on the upper end of the house wall. The style of this porch roof is commonly found on the deck house.

It is suggested to choose this design if you have high building. Medium house will look shorter if this porch roof is attached.

The front part of your house may also need another ornament. Craftsman porch is the perfect choice to compliment shed style porch roof. It has crown molding on the ceiling. The construction would be applied with fiber cement.

Shed roof screened porch
image: pinterest.com

3. Hip Porch Roof

This design is quite complicated. You can just simply bind this porch roof to your house, but keeping clean the ceiling is another job to do.

The roof slides have symmetric angles with the falling roof side. There is no gables, and resembles pyramid at the first glance.

This porch roof is commonly found on cottage, bungalow and ranch-style. If you would like to attach this roof, only one supporting post is needed because the hip porch roof is self-supported.

The hip porch roof is outstanding enough to be your house’s decoration. Even without front porch, it shines well.

Hip porch roof framing
Hip Porch Roof Design, Image: myrooff.com

4. Flat Porch Roof

If you have flat-shaped front house, then this roof is suitable for you. It resembles hallway with its straight and flat  design. Many houses have already applied this design.

However, it is not suggested for four season countries. The weight of snow might break the post. The simple design needs other ornaments to brighten up the atmosphere in your house.

What about installing front roof? There are several options for you. The first one is veranda porch. The flat porch roof should have three sides, installed to provide contrast to the house exterior. The construction will utilize fiber cement with arches.

Flat porch roof construction
Flat Porch Roof Design, Image: atlasawnings.com.au

5. Open Porch Roof

This porch roof is suitable for those who love activities outside. The families could enjoy the sun and scenery under the porch’s side. There is no fixed design for this porch roof.

Depending on the type of your house, the open porch roof could be adjusted to compliment the house. Consult your architect to find the suitable design that matches your taste and preference.

Open porch roof designs
Outdoor open roof porch ideas, image: pinterest.com

Installing porch on your house is similar to a puzzle. You have to find the perfect pieces for your houses that will suit your purpose and taste. In the previous article, it has been explained about how tips on choosing a front porch that fits your lifestyle. Read here.

Front porch image gallery:

Save for later when you build your porch how to get amazing house with knowing different types of porch roofs
Save for later when you build your porch how to get amazing house with knowing different types of porch roofs

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