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6 DIY Front Porch Bench Ideas that Make Awesome Changes to Your Porch

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Filling your front porch with a decorative porch bench will surely make your front porch looks more attractive and beautiful.

Therefore, if you are looking for some ideas or plans of front porch bench, then these 6 awesome porch bench ideas will get into your inspiration.


1. Crib Style Outdoor Bench

You may find a gorgeous looking porch bench with this Crib Style Outdoor Bench. In order to achieve its gorgeousness, then you need to find a proper space area in your porch or garden area.

It is quite simple to construct the bench because what you need to do is to place the wood in crib pattern or style.

Moreover, adding a crib design planter can be more attractive to your bench if you have extra time.

2. Cedar Wood Corridor Bench

If you are quite fond of cedar wood, then you may want to consider constructing a porch bench made from cedar wood.

The Cedar Wood Corridor Bench is a type of planter bench that can perfectly fit on your front porch. You can add a place where you can put plants or flowers in the bench, so your porch bench should look awesome.

3. Boot Bench

Most of you must have asked how to make a bench that requires less effort to construct. If you are looking for it, then this Boot Bench is a perfect choice for you.

You can simply utilize some of your time and buying the wood for making the bench. Therefore, you should be able to accomplish the goal without any problem.

4. Lumber Garden Bench Seat

Lumber Garden Bench Seat is the next idea for your front porch bench. You may use either brand new lumber or recycled one to construct this simple garden bench.

This bench will not even occupy much space, however the bench itself can provide space to accommodate up to two people. Also, don’t forget to stain or paint it to give more appealing look.

5. DIY Wooden Bench

This DIY Wooden Bench is a very inexpensive porch or park bench that becomes popular choice as well for those who are really looking for DIY furniture.

You just need to spend around $20, then you will be able to get this comfortable and easy to handle wooden bench. You can paint or stain it if you want to increase its appeal as well.

6. Colorful Slat Bench Seat

If you have kids around who love to spend time outdoor, then it is better to have this Colorful Slat Bench Seat. You will need to work on this simple slat bench seat in order to increase its appeal. You can build this bench against the wall.

Those are some ideas that you can try to make DIY front porch bench. By using those ideas, hopefully you can make or construct your own DIY front porch bench with decorative, attractive, and awesome looking. Since the ideas are all homemade designs, then it is important to know that it is require handy skill.

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