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Different Types of Porch Railings

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Before you buy railing for your house, you may want to know different materials of the railings.

Here are some details of them, including the advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, you may also need to know a few simple tips to choose the design front porch, here.


1. Wood Railing

The first choice for you is wood railing. It is the classical option for many years. The advantage of this wood railing is the relatively cheap price.

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Wood material could also fit any style of house and any railing style. You could also paint and craft the wood according to your taste.

Even you could bring your favorite scenery to your house. However, choosing this railing means constant maintenance.

Wood has the potential to break-down because of the temperature differences. If you stay in an area with high rain and blazing hot sun, then this wood railing is not recommended.

The extreme temperature difference will make the breaking down process goes faster. It is good to get cheaper price, but you may also want to consider the reparation cost after three to five years of installation.

If after careful calculation you spend more money, you may want to take a look at the other options.

Wood railing for porch
Wood porch railing designs, Image:

2. Aluminum Railing

The second option available is aluminum railing. This railing is slowly raising as it gives the future vibes.

Aluminum material is the most durable one among the others. It also has the lowest maintenance cost.

Unlike wood railing, the aluminum is not vulnerable under different seasons, even the extreme one.  Once you have installed the railing, you may not need to replace or reinstall it.

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When you go to the store, choose the aluminum that does not rust easily. You may also find various colors, as it is painted beforehand. The price of the aluminum is competitive, but surely higher than a wood railing.

You can also design a lot of styles by using the aluminum materials. The disadvantage of choosing this durable material is its size. It is quite big, resulting in several limitation for customized style.

Aluminum front porch railing

3. Vinyl Railing

This is another option for low maintenance railing. Constructed from high quality PVC, you will have less worries about UV discoloration. Vinyl railing is protected by the high impact stabilizer. There are four available colors to choose.

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When purchasing the railing, be careful of low-quality product. The best quality product should have thick walls. It will allow you to add no iron as the supporting materials.

You may also do not want to have the recycled product. It does not work well under certain circumstances and may be harmful to the environment.

Vinyl porch railing designs

4. Steel or Iron Railing

This railing is the easiest to decorate. There is no limit to your imagination and creativity if you work with steel or iron railing.

However, you cannot forget that steel is closely related to rust. Make sure you add extra protection to the steel to prevent rust. The houses near the sea or with high rain season may want to skip this railing option.

Front porch iron railing ideas
Front porch iron railing ideas

There are so many options for your house’s railings. Before you choose the materials, the above information may put into your consideration. Perfect railing will be the beautiful ornament for your house.

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Most popular different types of porch railings

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