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The Best Zep Grout Cleaner Reviews

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Why you need Zep Grout Cleaner? Grout somehow can be very irritating when it comes to the thinking of cleaning it. However, it is true that grout plays an important role in our house.

Its main function to fill up the spaces among the tiles in countertops, showers, floors, and many other surfaces cannot take into granted.

Zep Grout Cleaner

1. The Grout Cleaning

Although it has an essential role in your house, grout can be very painful to clean and to keep them clean all the time. You may know it very well that this little ridges and grooves can be the perfect place for mildew, grime, or dirt to be trapped and make your grout looking very grungy.

We all agree that the grout stains can be very gross to see. They can also become the places for mold, mildew, dirt, germs that you don’t want to be staying there and you definitely don’t want to spend your whole weekend just to clean the grout.

The good news is that there are grout cleaners out there which are able to remove the stains away from your grouts. These cleaners are even able to prevent the forming of dirt, mold and germs from your grouts from the beginning.

These grout cleaners are vary and one of them which is very famous among the grout cleaning products is Zep Grout cleaner and whitener.

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2. The review for Zep Grout Cleaner

As mentioned previously, Zep grout cleaner and whitener is one brand of grout cleaners that is very famous and almost being popped up everywhere. What is it actually? Let’s find out!

Product Information Zep Grout Cleaner

The name of the product is Zep Grout Cleaner and Whitener. It is considered as manufacturing strength-old invention. It is liquid. The manufacturer is Zep Inc located at 1420 Seaboard Industrial Boulevard, Atlanta. You can get the more detailed information on this product from its official company website.

As mentioned previously, Zep grout cleaner and whitener is an acid based liquid. It is a detergent. The acids which are contained in the product are hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid. The product comes with 32 ounce or 1 quart per bottle. Each bottle is designed with the applicator nozzle located on the top.


This Zep grout cleaner and whitener is basically a cleaner made of acid. The main function of this product is that you can use it to clean the grout effectively by using minimal scrubbing. This product is very powerful if you want to clean the tile floors in your showers or bathrooms especially if you want to get rid of any stubborn grout that require some serious care.

You can use this product if you want to make your white grout to become brighter. This cleaner consists of a formula for both cleaning and whitening the grout. You can get your grout as white as you can just in a couple minutes.

The good news is you don’t need to scrub the grout. This product is bleach-free meaning that you can use the cleaner to all colored grout as it will not cause any discoloration on the colored grout.

Many customers say that this product is able to work much better than their expectation. It doesn’t create any overpowering aroma or scent. Furthermore, the price is quite reasonable if being compared to other grout cleaning products.


Despite its pros, Zep grout cleaner and whitener is somehow is not suitable for any metal, marble, stone, or Corian tiles. If you happen to have granite or marble tiles, it is better to find some specialized grout cleaners.

In any case, if you happen to get some of the cleaners on metal accidently and any location besides the grout that you clean, you can rinse the cleaner directly using clean and fresh water as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected impacts.

Directions of Usage Zep Grout Cleaner

Before applying the product to clean your grout, it is best if you read the directions of usage first. It is very important and you need to pay attention to it. However, the general instructions on how to use this product are as follows:

  • It is recommended to wear any rubber gloves and also safety goggles. As this product contains acidic formula, you need to protect your eyes, skins and also clothes.
  • You need to apply the cleaner only on the grout. As the bottle is completed with a nozzle on top, you can easily direct it onto the grout. You need to remember to do it steadily and slowly as the bottle is considered to be quite heavy and large. You can also transfer the content of the bottle into some other small bottles to use it easily.
  • Start applying the liquid on small area such as 2×2 square and the move to 5×5 tile or 10×10 one after you feel confident in using this product.
  • Leave the liquid to set on the grout for some time, like 2 or 3 minutes.
  • The acidic liquid will consume the grout’s tiny surface and make the mold, grime and dirt loosen up.
  • You can scrub the grout surface lightly to get rid of such stubborn stains by using the grout brushes.
  • Then, wipe off the cleaner from the grout using any grout sponge or damp cloth.
  • After that, you can mop all area using the fresh water to get rid any of remaining product.

Product Analysis Zep Grout Cleaner

This product contains acid so that it can’t be used for bleaching. It means that this product is very safe if you want to use it for any colored grout. It also doesn’t contain any overpowering aroma so that it is quite pleasant to use.

Zep grout cleaner and whitener is also considered as a strong cleaning product just like any other chemical product, you need to handle it with extra care. If you want to apply the product, make sure that you have enough ventilation and keep in mind to have some breaks so that you will not exert yourself.

People who have used this product mostly give positive comments or reviews. They simply like this product because it is easy to use. You just need to pour the product and then wipe it off. The cleaning result is also satisfying. So, do you want to try it?

The Best Zep Grout Cleaner Reviews

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