Daily Coffee Table with Double Lift-Top Ideas

Daily Coffee Table with Double Lift-Top Ideas

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Awesome here is about daily coffee table with double lift-top. Nowadays, homeowners use living room as a place of chilling, relaxing, and even enjoying their breakfast while surfing on the internet.

With those various activities that can be done in a living room, homeowners need to have a perfect coffee table that can serve various functions.

The coffee tables listed below are some examples of what perfect coffee table are.


1. Darby Home Co’s Wilhoite Double Lift Top Coffee Table

If you are looking for an idea for a coffee table, you can get a superb idea from Darby Home Co. This Darby Home Co has a new variation of coffee table called Wilhoite Double Lift Top Coffee Table. What makes this coffee table special is the design that is based on versatility as the first priority. Besides, the design of this coffee table is also based on how to make the table multifunctional so that it can help homeowners tidy up their living room.

This daily coffee table with double lift-top is designed in such a way it can help homeowners declutter unnecessary stuff in the living room without sacrificing the table’s style. The design of lift-top is a perfect feature to ease your snacking

Darby Home Co’s Wilhoite Double Lift Top Coffee Table

time or working time with your laptop. Meanwhile, this table also comes with a couple of compartments designed as hidden storage. Those compartments are located underneath and can be functioned as a place to store kids’ toys or magazines.

On top of those features, there are still a couple of special features from this coffee table. This coffee table is crafted using a blend of poplar, ash, solid wood, and also rubber wood. Solid wood is used to construct the top material and rubber wood is used to build the top wood construction details. Meanwhile, the base material of this coffee table is constructed using solid wood. All of the woods that are used to construct this coffee table are reclaimed.

The finishing of this table is from neutral brown shade that makes the overall look so chic and contemporary. The wood finish that is used is poplar. Adding to the feature is the caster wheels that are attached to the down below the table to make any movement easy, especially when it comes to switching up the space layout.  This product from Darby Home Co is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

2. Loon Peak’s Newdale Daily Coffee Table with Double Lift-Top

The product from Darby Home is not your cup of tea? Well, let’s take a look at what Look Peak has to offer. What is so special about this product is the rectangular silhouette of the table that is so striking. That piece of the table features molding that is so chunky. Also, that piece of table also features simple paneling, tapered square legs, and also riveted metal details.

As what the name suggests, this coffee table comes with a lift top. The lift top is hinged to create a work surface that is spacious enough to do your job. Besides, there are also hidden storage for coasters and remotes. Meanwhile, the lower shelf of the table is partitioned that will be perfect for displaying your favorite books or toys collection.

Another feature of this coffee table is the table’s top materials. The top material of the coffee table is manufactured wood. Meanwhile, the top material detail of the coffee table and the top wood construction detail are particle board that’s complemented with a paper laminated finishing. Moving to the base materials of the table, the same material detail is also used for base material details and also for base wood construction details.

Loon Peak’s Newdale Lift Top Coffee Table

If you wish to buy this coffee table online, you may consider the overall weight of this table. The tabletop of this coffee table will take 50 pounds of the overall weight. Meanwhile, the hidden storage weighs 25 pounds and the bottom shelves weigh 40 pounds. If you buy this coffee table, you need to assemble the elements and you may need to prepare some additional tools for the assembly such as adjustable wrench, screw driver, and hammer.

This coffee table is perfect for homeowners that favor rustic looks on furniture. Besides, this coffee table also suits those who loves lived-in and cozy look. This kind of look will be easily noticed from the distressed wood that is used to construct the table.

3. Beachrest Home’s Pinellas Lift Top Coffee Table

Here comes another option of coffee table for your living room. This coffee table is produced by Beachrest Home and is named Pinellas Lift Top Coffee Table. This coffee table is perfect for you who love to relax and sit back to chill in your living room. This coffee table is also perfect for those who loves versatility from their furniture.

The top of the table can lift up and also lift forward to provide you with surface for versatile works. By having such surface, you can do various activities on the table such as having dinner, surfing the web while chilling, and relaxing after the work on a couch.

Beachrest Home’s Pinellas Lift Top Coffee Table

In addition to those features, there are other details of the table that are also interesting. This coffee table has that hidden storage that is built beneath the top of the table. This storage is also built with open shelves that can be used to store your favorite board games, blankets, picture frames, or to display knick-knack.

For the finishing of the table, you don’t need to worry about the overall look as this coffee table is finished on all of its sides to make it versatile fit for any space and room inside your house.

The top material and base material of the coffee table are from manufactured wood. If you happen to wonder the weight of the table, here are the details: the top weighs 50 pounds, the storage compartment weighs 25 pounds, and the bottom shelf weighs 40 pounds. When buying this coffee table, you need to be ready to assemble the table by yourselves.

So, which coffee table gets your attention the most? Make sure that your coffee table can really meet your need and can serve various functions as you need to have in your living room. Choose your coffee table carefully so that you can have better moment in your living room.


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