Mirrored Coffee Table for Scandinavian Living Room
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Mirrored Coffee Table for Living Room – Glamorous Idea Ever Living Room Has

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It is known among the designers of home decors that mirrored furniture is able to make the living space more open and larger that its actual size.

Therefore, the choice of a mirrored furniture in the house is a good choice as it can give an airy ambiance.

In this sense, the mirrored furniture especially a mirrored coffee table can be an amazing prospective focal point for the living room.



1. Brilliant Idea for Mirrored Coffee Table

If you happen to be born in 90’s, the idea of having mirrored coffee tables will sound both garish and odd. The interior design ideas for 90’s seem to be the choice of beige color as it represents the simple choice.

The furniture chosen for this style tends to be having straight lines with the strict geometric shapes to define a modern style in generic and there is no room left for any furniture that looks brilliant and sparky.

However, the interior decor fashion tends to change from time to time. The style of the room has changed from retro, art decor, vintage and also Hollywood Regency. Due to the change of the interior decor style, the possibility of using mirrored decor has become very promising and can be placed to fill in the spaces inside the house all over the world.

As mentioned previously, mirror coffee tables are able to create glamorous look to the living room as well as provide such functional value for small spaced living rooms. The mirrored coffee tables are the best choice to brighten up the living room as they reflect the light all over the room.

They can be the great choices to enliven the living room and at the same time creating a more cheerful and airy appeal as well as a sense of visually spacious space. There are many fabulous designed mirrored coffee tables that come with various shapes, styles, and sizes for your living room!

Mirrored coffee table for White and Gold living room
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2. Unbelievable Mirrored Coffee Tables

It is undeniable that we tend to fall in love very quickly if we accidentally find such beautiful mirrored table being displayed in the store. It will be a different matter if you finally decide to buy this mirrored coffee table and make it as a part of your living room interior.

As mirrored coffee tables are presented with various styles, sizes, and shapes, you have to choose which one is suitable and perfect for your living room.

Goldtone glass Mirrored coffee table for living room
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3. Square or Rectangle Mirrored Coffee Table

If you happen to have Hollywood Regency style with some modern elegance touch for the living room, the mirrored coffee table combined with such sober ornamental pieces can be perfectly fitted the room. You can combine this mirrored coffee table with a fashionable black and white patterned rug.

You can also add some wooden side tables to make the living room looking more chic and stylist. The sofa can be the L-shaped sofa with leather cover. You can also hang a large decorative painting or picture on one side of the wall. As it is modern style, you can combine several colors in the living room.

What you need to consider when placing a mirrored coffee table in your living room, you have to use such a shining mirrored surface or glossy achromatic tone in different spots of the living room. By creating a repetitive furniture in the living room, you are able to create a more curated living room and it is also able to create contemporary yet posh living room.

You can just simply put a mirrored coffee table in the living room and some small mirrors between the fireplace with mirrored frames to make such big difference on the whole ambience in the living room.

Interesting mirrored coffee table for living room high ceiling
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4. Geometric Style Mirrored Coffee Table

It is true that a refined, mirrored finish can create such a unique style for the coffee table. But, you can take the style far beyond the common touch. You can be innovative by playing with the geometrical shape for the coffee table.

It is always interesting to have such a geometric style coffee table with mirrored finish in the living room. The choice of geometric shape is beyond the common square and rectangle shaped coffee tables.

This innovative shape of the coffee table will be able to draw so much attention as well as its multifaced surfaces are able to  reflect the light in such spectacular way.

If you are not keen on the mirrored coffee table, you can always go for other coffee table such as modern and silvery coffee table with the same shape but without any mirrored finish on top of the table. The focus is on the shape of the coffee table, that is, geometrical shaped coffee table.

Geometric Style Mirrored Coffee Table for Living Room Interior design
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5. Various Styles of Living Room

When you decide to bring the mirrored coffee table home, you have to consider the living room traffic. It means that the mirrored coffee table is not quite suitable if you have children playing around this furniture considering the fragility matter.

It is also very important to keep the mirrored coffee table shiny and free from dust all the time. Other thing to consider is fingerprints as these can be quite issues and this coffee table is not really suitable for a person who doesn’t enjoy constant care and cleaning.

Blue sofa and mirrored coffee table for small artistic living room

Surprisingly, the mirrored coffee table is fitted in every living room styles starting from minimalism style, shabby chic style, or even a bohemian style. The coffee table finish along with its different frames, the geometric shape and the overall silhouette are what makes the coffee table stands out.

A coffee table with distressed wooden frame blends perfectly into various styles such as farmhouse, shabby chic, industrial, and even rustic styles. In contrary, the futuristic mirrored coffee table is suitable for minimalism style.

What is important about a mirrored coffee table is that if you place a mirrored coffee table into a contemporary living room, your living room will definitely stands out despite of other rooms that you have. So, bring it home!

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