Best Ideas Coffee Table Design for Small Space Living Room

Best Coffee Table Design for Small Space Living Room

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Some people think that coffee table is not necessary for our home or apartment when space is the problem.

However, the coffee table is a brilliant solution when you face some trouble to fit with awkward space in your home or apartment.

With a great and appropriate design, the coffee table can solve your problem and beautify your sweet room.


1. Clear Coffee Table

A clear coffee table is a great choice for your room with a small space. This option creates an open up view in your living room. Your guest does not sense a heavy feeling in a small space living room. The “clear” presents a stylish and modern view. Moreover, you can keep newspaper, books or magazines underneath the table.

Thus, it shows that this option has several functions. Since you can shop in big and popular electronic commerce, there are many options for the clear coffee table. We suggest you to choose an acrylic design which will carry fantastic view for your living room. Whatever your design in clear coffee table is, basically this option will bring a splendid version of the room.

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Clear Coffee Table for small space living room

2.Vintage Trunk Coffee Table

A vintage is a great option for a teenager. They will look for something new and different, and of course, a vintage is a viable option. You can try a vintage trunk. This option will present a terrific character which combines modern and old style. You can amaze your guest with this option.

Do not forget that you have a storage bonus. You can keep books magazines or anything inside the trunk. Then make sure that the trunk has curved lid at the bottom. It means that you cannot put everything at the top of the trunk. Thus, you need an extra table to support the vintage trunk. The vintage trunk is a great combination for your living room.

Vintage Trunk Coffee Table for Small Space Living Room

3. Oval Coffee Table

Just remember that do not be surprised if you see many recommendations on an oval coffee table. The oval table is a great choice to break all harsh line in your living room. Another positive side is that you can choose the size of the round or oval table, whether it is a big or small one and make sure that the size suits your space.

Whatever the size is, oval or round coffee tables will present a great walk flow in your living room. We suggest you add two or three sofas beside the table. It will overcome the harsh line in your living room.

Ovale clear glass coffee table for small space living room

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4. Tiered Oval Coffee Table

This option is the derivative design of oval coffee table above. The tiered oval Coffee Table which designed by West Elm is one of the good examples. Even though the design is slightly unusual than other design, it is a terrific one. The three multi-level table goes beyond the usual design from the West Elm. This table will avoid the clutter in your living room.

Thus, your living from is free the clutter and it makes a strong design. You can amaze your guest as well as saving space in your living room. Combining the tiered oval table with two sofas will bring a great comfortable and different sensation in your living room. With a small design, you can explore with the new space around your sofa or bench. It is a gorgeous design, isn’t it?

Oval Coffee Table for Small Space Living Room

5. Ash Wood Oval Modular Coffee Table

Oval coffee table design is a popular and suitable for all living room situation. Ash Wood Oval Modular Coffee Table is a low table coffee, the measure is just 16 inches high and it shows that this table does not need too much height-space. Moreover, the diameter is only 31.5 inches and of course, it suits a small living room.

Measurement is not the merely positive side, how is the design? This table has a great design, laminate finish and classy stylish looking with a smooth grey. It means that you should not worry about stains, warping or chipped wood because you can easily clean that.

Moreover, Ash Wood Oval Modular Coffee Table is reachable table either sitting on the sofa or sitting around the floor. Practical and stylish are the most suitable words for this table which is perfect for your small living room.

Ash Wood Oval Modular Coffee Table

6. Tufted Ottoman

Ottoman considers as an old design in the coffee table. This design has been used as a viable option to coffee tables. Besides as coffee table, the ottoman can be used to place your feet on it. Some reviews say that ottoman has many functions like footstool, stool or alternative to a couch. So, you can put a large tray on it, but when you place it off, you can use it as extra seating. It shows that ottoman is a multi-function furniture. Ottoman is a great option for your small living room.

Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table for Small Space Living Room

7. Garden Stuff

Coffee table in your living room plays an important role beside sofa or couch. If you are looking for the most unconventional table or non-mainstream table, you can try your garden stuff or stool. There are plenty of functional furniture which can be used as a coffee table. Even though they do not present a similar impact as a coffee table, the positive side is the versatility aspect as well as used in outdoor.

Go to your storerooms and try to find an appropriate garden stuff. You can use drum or barrel. Keep in mind that you should decorate it. Paint the barrel and do not be afraid to play colourful colour. Pay attention on the colour of your living room. Make sure that it becomes a great symphony

Moreover, you can use garden stools. Just remember that you should use at least two stools. It occurs because one stool may be too small and two stools may be a good option to soften your harsh line in your living room.

The centrepiece of your living room is not a sofa or couch, table coffee is. Small space living room does not mean that it limits your creativity in harshing line your living room. Hopefully, the information above gives a new reference.

Garden Stuff Coffee Table Living room Small Space

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