How to Decorate Living Room End Tables

How to Decorate Living Room End Tables Flawlessly

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A coffee table is not enough to keep your room into the best one.

Every room needs the end tables to keep something entertaining in the casual space.

Try to design your living room with the end tables and make it better.

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1. Spacious Living Room

If you like to give some space in the living room, you can use this design. Put a small, simple, yet effective end table in the living room.

It will match with the single cushion sofa and ottoman chair. The end table is used here to set a table lamp as simple as that.


2. Contemporary Style

Contemporary design with dark wood and fireplace will match well with the three end tables. You can put two end tables with different glass color in the side of the sofas.

If you want the corner for intimate sitting place, put the end tables near it. Use the end table to add a small vase of relaxing flower such as geranium and lily. It will make the cozier atmosphere.

Living room end table with drawers

3. Grand Room

The perfect spot to put the end table is a capacious room. You can use an end table with multiple purpose, it can use as a display for your collection.

Set a photo or your work of art there. Put a round end table beside the armchair, and the larger one next to the sofa.

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4. Open Concept

Enjoy the fresh air while sitting in the living room. Do not forget to open the door and windows to lead the view outside garden or pool. If you like chic design, put two end tables in the two separated seating areas.

Pay attention to the tone of color from your sofa and the end tables. Make sure it mix perfectly. You also can contrast the color between the wall and the end table to make it swanky. It will attract the attention and admiration.

5. Bold and Modern

If you like modernity, set a dark coffee table in the center and the armchairs in front of the bookshelves. In the other side you can design a larger wet bar. Add end tables beside the two sides of the armchairs.

You can set one carved structure end table to put the reading glasses and the table lamp. While, put the enormous end table next to the velvet sofas. Taste very modern-looking from your own living room.

6. Traditional Living Room

The single dark wood end table will match well with this concept. You can set this end table in the living room with the cowhide rug.

Pay attention to the sits arrangement if you want to deliver the taste of the past time for your guest. Set it with L-formation and hide the end table in the corner of the formation. You can set a box of marbles or another traditional game on the end table.

You can attract people to stay a little bit longer with your decoration in the living room. If you can pay attention to the smallest details like an end table, the people will impress. Nowadays, end table is not only storage anymore. It can enliven the mood. Begin to set the end table perfectly and it will spell magic!

Living room end table ideas

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