How To Decorate A Living Room Coffee Table

Designer Tips on How To Decorate a Living Room Coffee Table

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Do you ever wonder how those interior arrangements in furniture magazine looks so elegant?

When people try to do it by themselves, sometimes it does not work well.

The coffee table is one of the challenging areas to decorate. Get some tips from the expert to embellish the coffee table in your living room.


1. Keep Everything Equal

Type up “coffee table decoration” on any search engine and you will find more hundreds of item. If you look at the advertisement, they are beautiful to look. You may be tempted to buy more ornament than what you actually need.

The most important thing to maintain is the balance. A lot of adorable knick knacks would create a cluster instead of neat surface. Pick large item to fill the empty space. If you think a single focal point is not enough, vary the items on your table and stack them up.


2. Change the Season on The Table

Redecorating the table every day is a pain. At least, doing it in the beginning of each season is reasonable. As it occupies the center of the room, you can easily swap the mood. Here are some details you might apply.

In summer,  put a shell shaped plate with all sea decorations: conch, sea stars, miniature of coconut tree, or beach magazine.

When fall comes, pick maple leaves and chestnut from the backyard. Let the maroon and dark orange decoration dominate the room. Then, nothing can describe spring better than fresh tulips and butterflies.

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3. Follow the Rules of Three

This rule works well for the long coffee table with rectangular shape. You might get confused to start the decoration: which side first? By dividing the table into three areas, you will be able to embellish better. Tape will be okay, but putting magazine is much simpler.

In fact, you can also use the magazine as the decoration for the table. If you refer to the balance rule, you should stack the magazine upwards. Get out of that comfort zone by placing the magazine as the placemat.

4. Bring the Contrastive Color

Living room should be lively. Put aside the thought of bringing the neutral look to welcome your guest. If you have plain painted coffee table, take closer the bright colored vase with flower in it.

For the wooden or dark finishing wood table, pick the metallic or gold figurine or basket. You can also add floral table cloth beneath the table. Go creatively crazy if you get that clear glass coffee table. Any color and pattern would match it.

Living room coffee table decorating ideas using gold and contrastive color

5. Invite the Guest To Engage

Do not let the decoration goes away as mere ornament. The dust says that either you or your guests ever lay your hand on them. Try to gain more than admiration for the pretty arrangement of the decoration.

Put a tray of games of some generous bottles of your favorite drinks. If you love your magazine that much, open your favorite page so your guests and you can discuss more about it.

New knowledge about decoration allows you to place better furnishing items on the coffee table. The tips are simple, but the impact is so real. You can see the atmosphere change almost immediately.

The hospitality area is now ready to bow politely after the guests.  Make them get awe struck from the moment they step into your living room.

Rustic living room coffee table with gray sofa and wooden table

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