Farmhouse Coffee Table for Living Room Decoration

Farmhouse Coffee Table for Living Room Decoration

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Decorating a house is always interesting to talk about, especially the living room. Living room is one of the main important rooms in a house since people mostly spend their time in living room.

Some people decorate their living room elegantly but some others do it simply. If you prefer to decorate your room in simple way then a farmhouse coffee table is a proper choice.

Here are some ways to decorate your living room with farmhouse coffee table.

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1. Make It Balance

There are many shapes and size of farmhouse coffee table. If you are interested in choosing coffee table, the best idea in decorating your table is by putting on the things in balance. Balance is very important for every coffee table decoration. One a good ways to get the balance of is symmetry.

How to do it? Simply just choose the bigger object for the center part followed by smaller objects with similar weight for each sides. The two sides objects may not identic but they should be balance at least when you see it with your eyes.

Farmhouse coffee table with storage for living room decoration ideas

2. Focus on the Composition

Composition becomes very problematic when home owner try to use farmhouse coffee table as the main living room decoration. In this case, you will think mostly about how the things on the table work properly. So, what is composition? Composition is how the objects on the table connect to each other in term of style, color, theme or even shape.

After being able to make a proper composition, the farmhouse coffee table will be seen as a whole unit since both of the table and objects fit each other. Therefore, another idea of decorating farmhouse coffee table is by putting the right objects placement on the table to make it a whole as one.

3. Using a Tray

You know one of the unique idea in decorating farmhouse coffee table? Try to use a try. It sounds weird but it works. The tray can be a simple help for putting objects or things together on the table so that it will look neater and unified. This trick is very helpful, especially if you have a trouble in having proper composition for the farmhouse coffee table.

Choose the most suitable tray in term of color and theme before putting the things inside of the tray together. However, before deciding in putting a tray, you should make sure that the tray is a proper decoration.

Farmhouse coffee table living room decoration ideas with flowers plant

4. Choose the Proper Objects

When you decorate a farmhouse coffee table, the objects on the table will be very important to consider of. As a home owner, you want to make it works so probably you need to choose objects in a proper size. The objects or the items should in a proper visual weight but it should not be bigger.

A big object will take the whole spaces and disrupt the main function of the farmhouse coffee table. So, make sure that you still have enough space to put your phone, television remote, or the other things on it.

5. Do not Make It Too Tall

This is the general rule in decorating a farmhouse coffee table: do not choose tall table and object. Some of the home owners tend to use tall arrangement of flowers. However, somehow it will be a distraction for people who sit on the sofa and face each other.

Therefore, if you are interesting in putting floral arrangements, make sure that the arrangement is not too tall and choose the light branches. It works the same with the other objects, make sure that you pay attention to its size.

6. Considering 360 Approach

360 approach is the way of decorating while considering every angles or every sides of the objects. In this case, the object is the farmhouse coffee table. Since it is usually placed in the central part of the room, people will be able to see from every angles.

Therefore, you should avoid items which do not look good if you see it from each side. In other words, choose items which are finished on every sides. You can choose a vase as one of the examples of a thing which is looked well from every sides.

Farmhouse coffee table for living room with nice decoration ideas

7. Considering the Bottom and Top

Farmhouse coffee table are vary in term of shape. You can choose a two-tiered farmhouse coffee table for your living room decoration. It has bottom shelf when you can put anything on it. However, you still need to consider the composition, scale, and balance.

It will be not that hard since the key is just making it simpler than the surface objects. Probably, you can adjust each part similarly. In this case, you should not make the bottom objects more outstanding than the surface.

8. Putting an Outstanding Object

It is a good thing to have an outstanding object on the table. The object may be unusual thing which can spark the conversation, an object with unique shape, or even an object which is brighter than the other objects. One of a good outstanding object is green-vase flower. You can also choose another object as long as it is simple and suit the display. Besides, the outstanding object should not disrupt the other important elements.

Living room with farmhouse coffee table and unique decoration ideas

9. Combining the Textures and Shapes

The other idea of decorating farmhouse coffee table is by combining the textures and shapes of the object. A pair of shiny item with dull, curved and straight, hard and soft, and even smooth and textured can be a good combination and consideration before you put the objects on the farmhouse coffee table.

The key of using this idea is just having objects with contrasts textures. It will look more aesthetic and beautiful at the same time. That is why considering textures is a must.

Having farmhouse coffee table as the main table for living room is not a bad idea at all. You can use any ideas to decorate it beautifully and elegantly. Some ideas above is a good thing to consider of.


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