Puzzle Coffee Table VS Hippo Coffee Table

Puzzle Coffee Table VS Hippo Coffee Table. Which One?

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Are you looking for some coffee table for your living room? If you want to try something new and unique, you can find the coffee table that is not too common used in each house.

Either you make the coffee table yourself or buy from famous interior designer, it is all up to your preference.

Here are some ideas for you to choose your coffee table.

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DIY Coffee Table

If you want to make your coffee table yourself, you can try to create special shape and form of your coffee table. One design which is quite popular nowadays is the puzzle coffee table.

As this coffee table is made of wood, you can try to make it yourself at home. You can make necessary adjustment on the size and the shape of this puzzle coffee table. Moreover, you can choose your own materials.

Are you ready to learn how to make some easy puzzle coffee table for your living room? Here are things that you need to prepare first. You just need to prepare any size of wood slab that you want to use for your coffee table.

You can choose any wood for it, whether you want to use oak, pine, maple, mahogany, or any other slab wood. Then, prepare a jigsaw to cut your wood slab later on. Besides the jigsaw, you need to prepare a router, drill bits, a drill, pegs, and some bolts.

First, lay your wood slab on your working table. Then, start drawing your puzzle draft. You can use the same pattern of the real jigsaw puzzle. Make sure to perfectly calculate the size of each piece of the puzzle so that each of them will fit perfectly one and another.

After you are satisfied with the design, you can transfer your drawing into the wood slab. Check the size of each block and make some necessary adjustments on the design if needed.

After you are confident with your design, you can start cutting off each puzzle jigsaw with a jigsaw. To make the corner round of each piece of the jigsaw puzzle, you can use the router.

Make sure that everything you do does not change or alter the size and shape of each jigsaw puzzle as a slight change can make them unfitted among each other.

Then, the next step is to prepare the legs for the jigsaw puzzle. For this project, the legs are cross-wise legs. Start cutting the wood for the legs to the height and width that you want your coffee table be.

Make sure to consider the height of your couch. For each leg support, make a slit cut at its center which is fitted to the wood width. Don’t cut the slit all the way to the wood bottom as you will insert the cross beam throughout this wood slit.

After the cross beam legs are ready, you can make them more artistic by cutting the leg bottoms into some arch style. Then, drill some centering bolts on each leg. These bolts will be very useful to indicate where to place the puzzle tops.

Then, mark all table tops. After they are all marked, drill them. Then, remove all the bolts from the legs and replace them with the pegs. These pegs will be used to fit the table tops into the legs. Make sure to test one first to see if the pegs fit perfectly onto the table top.

Tada! Your puzzle coffee table is ready. To give some beautiful finish, you have to stain the table with three coats of stain. This project uses nine pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

If you like, you can have six pieces for your coffee table while three pieces for your side tables. If you need larger table for special occasion, you can merge all nine pieces together.

Hippo Coffee Table

If you want to buy some unique coffee table, you can try to find some hippo coffee table. The famous hippo coffee table is designed by Mark Stoddart. This unique hippo coffee table is only made for 99 pieces and they are all sold out already.

The design itself represents a hippo standing proud and strong in the water whereas its back and tip of the body are projecting preceding the water level.

The table top of this hippo coffee table is made of a clear glass top. The back and tip of the body of the hippo will appear above the glass top so that you can even touch the back and the tip of its head.

For the glass itself, the size is 60 x 36 inches. To obtain the collection of Mark Stoddart’s hippo coffee table. You can register first and whenever there is a sale on any hippo coffee table, you will be contacted first.

The hippo coffee table from Mark Stoddart was previously made in 2002. Then, the auction was done in September 2017. All pieces of the hippo coffee table arts were sold out already.

The medium for the hippo itself is bronze. The height of the table is about 50 cm. Besides the design of hippo standing proudly in the water, other design is also made, that is, the hippo which is sitting on the ground with the head ups.

There are may designs that have been created by Mark Stoddart with the use of hippo as the table legs. Most of the coffee tables use the clear glass tabletops.

The rarity of the item is definitely what makes this hippo coffee table is high-priced. But, surely, if you can get one of these hippo coffee tables, it will become the focal point in your living room.

Now, it is back to your preference, whether you want to make your own DIY puzzle coffee table or purchase the unique hippo coffee table. If it is being compared, the puzzle coffee table costs cheaper than the hippo coffee table. However, each table has its own strength depending on the theme that you prepare for your living room.

Whichever coffee table that you choose later on, both puzzle coffee table and hippo coffee table will definitely become the focal point of your living room. Each of them will be able to steal the attention. Now, choose one for your living room.

Puzzle Coffee Table VS Hippo Coffee Table. Which One

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