The most popular design coffee table for living room

The Most Popular Design Coffee Table for Living Room

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Living room is considered as the center of the social life in the family.

It can be the place to host such an entertainment, as a place to chat, or just a place to spend a quality time with the whole family.

It is necessary to pick the right interiors or furniture for the living room as it becomes the important showcase for the house.

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A. The Essential Function of the Coffee Table

As the living room becomes the center of attention in the house, the owner of the house is required to showcase such decorative pieces that can stand out as the defining pieces of furniture in the living room. The first stand out element in the living room is of course the sofa, while the coffee table comes second.

Although the couch plays an important part of creating the style of the living room as well as the ambience and theme, the right choice of the coffee table can be the perfect complement for the couch or sofa.

A spectacular coffee table can create such appeal of the living room in an easy way and a slight change on the coffee table can make the total ambience of the living room totally different.

It doesn’t matter if you want to redecorate your living room with new coffee table or you plan for decorating your new living room, you can use the recommendations below to choose the right coffee table for your living room. The following modern coffee table designs are the latest designs and have become trends among the interior designers.

1. Nesting Coffee Table

First choice is the nesting coffee table. It is designed with a tempered-glass top which can be easily clean and it is resistant to any stain. The nesting table is perfect for the living room which has tiny or small space. The table is designed to maximize the space of the floor by placing or clustering two tables altogether.

The purpose is to make things compact and neat as well as to elongate or expand the tables when they are being used to entertain the guests or when you just need more space to display your items.

Nesting Coffee Table for small space living room

2. Tinted or Coloured Glass Coffee Table

The coloured glass coffee table can be the perfect choice for your living room. It is designed with geometrical-skewed shape. The modern coffee table is being designed by Tracey Boyd with the emphasis on the tempered or coloured glass tabletop.

It is also designed with some shelves on each side of the table to create more space to store your items. The frame of the coffee table is made of stainless steel and the glass chosen to complete the design is a pink-colored glass.

Tinted or Coloured Glass Coffee Table for colorful modern living room design ideas

3. Oslo Coffee Table

This simple coffee table is made of solid wooden legs with Scandinavian-top finish. This coffee table is perfect if you want to find some piece to complete your minimalist living room. The design absolutely provides perfect balance for your living room.

Small living room design with Oslo Coffee Table

4. Modern Round Coffee Table

This coffee table is originally from the flea market located in Lyon. It is inspired from mid-century coffee table, therefore, it looks quite versatile to be placed among the aesthetic decorations in your living room.

The wood used for the table is stained to create a warm and cozy ambience in the living room. The round tabletop is perfect to bring a dynamically rich atmosphere to build up the living room character.

Lyon Modern Round Coffee Table

5. Sticks Coffee Table

If you are looking for unique coffee table, this sticks coffee table is probably suitable for your living room. It is a perfect choice for small living room as it is only designed in small square. The tabletop is made of acrylic and the legs are made of the black steel geometrical base.

Sticks Coffee Table for Small Space living room design

6. Marble Coffee Table

If you want to create a luxurious or glamour look in your living room, you can always go for this marble coffee table. The coffee table is designed with white tabletop made of polished marble.

The legs are made of natural oak wood with the sleek surface which ooze out the cool air and the brass leg base is able to add more stylist look of the design.

Round Top Marble Coffee Table Design ideas for luxurious or glamour living room

B. Geometric Coffee Table

Besides the various coffee tables mention above, you can also choose some geometric coffee tables. This unique design of the coffee table has been very popular nowadays. The geometric decor has been in every living room in all over the world.

This new designed coffee table has been able to replace the traditional rectangular, square, or round coffee tables with this hexagonal framed coffee table. The tabletop of this geometrical coffee table is from a clear mirror top. You can choose the geometrical shapes for your coffee table such as polygon, hexagon, or any other shapes.

If you look for more stand out coffee table, you can choose the one which is designed with two materials such as wooden tabletop with sparkling metal legs to steal the attention. You can also try to use several small coffee tables instead of one large coffee table.

The choice of smaller coffee tables or even three side tables can give you more space to be creative with the coffee table designs. You can opt for the same designs or you can combine several designs to make the ambience more stylist and fun.

Geometric Coffee Table for Interesting design Living room

C. Triangular Coffee Table

If you want to try something else for your coffee table, you can find a triangular coffee table to be placed in your living room. The triangular coffee table along with its curved edges has also become the trends in the interior decor. The combination of the minimalist design and the beautiful rounded edges has become its own attraction.

The triangular coffee table in black is widely chosen by most of the people in the world as it is able to create a modern living room. While, the triangular coffee table in white is another great option to create cheerful and vibrant look for the living room.

Triangular Coffee Table for Unique Small living room design ideas

You can choose any coffee table based on your preference. The options given above can be used for your reference if you are interested to. Make sure your choice of the coffee table is suitable with the theme or style of your living room.

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