Wood Wizard Coffee Table for Living Room

How to Choose a Perfect Wood Wizard Coffee Table for Living Room

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A living room without a coffee table is just like the sea without the fish, it seems to be not complete.

As the fish becomes an unseparated part of the sea, the coffee table also serves the same meaning for the living room along with its several other purposes such as to display, to store, or to complete the look of the living room.

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Wood Wizard Coffee Table

As the name suggests, this coffee table is basically made of wood. Wooden coffee tables are most common coffee table styles sitting on the living room. As wooden coffee tables are made of different materials, styles and shapes, you have to be able to choose which one is perfect for your living room.

What makes it more interesting about wooden coffee table is that it can be combined with any decor styles such as rustic, chic, bohemian, minimalist, and so on.

The choices of the perfect coffee tables are endless and sometimes it can be very overwhelming. Therefore, you can simply apply these tips to make the selection and steer you into the right way too find the perfect wooden wizard coffee table.

Wood wizard themed coffee table design


When you plan the interior for your living room, don’t forget to consider the shape of each item to be displayed in the living room. You also have to consider whether you have children or not, or if you have pets. This first consideration will determine the shape of your wooden coffee table.

If you have children, especially the little ones, it is not safe to have square or rectangular shaped wooden coffee table as its sharp edges can be very dangerous for the children if they happen to walk of run around the living room. The perfect choice of the wooden table if you happen to have children or pets is the oval or round wooden coffee table.

Second, consider the space of the living room, whether it is large or small room. If you happen to have narrow and small space for the living room, you can choose a rectangular wooden coffee table. You can place this coffee table 30 inches from the television cabinet.

This way, you can have some space to walk between these two interiors. If you choose a round or oval wooden coffee table, it might provide smaller space to walk as the shape of the table will curve away into the television cabinet.


After you decide the shape of the coffee table, next consideration is the size of the wooden coffee table. What is crucial is the height as the coffee table needs to be one to two inches higher from the couch seat. The common standard size for the coffee table is about 16 to 18 inches.

This size can be perfectly fitted with various typical couches. However, the higher sofa usually needs a higher coffee table, that is, a 20 to 21 inch wooden coffee table.

One advantage of having a taller coffee table is that it is suitable for a person who tends to entertain lots of people frequently. The height of the coffee table can be very useful for the guests to place or set down their plates or glasses.


Although a wooden coffee table is certainly made of wood, you also need to consider the type of wood that you want to have for your coffee table. You can choose wood, walnut, cherry, maple, or oak material for your coffee table.

You can also combine wood and other materials such as metal, steel or brass to create more modern look. However, maple and oak wood tend to bring more casual look for the living room, while cherry and walnut wood are more for formal style.

Drawer wizard wooden coffee table design


Other consideration when choosing the coffee table is on its functions. Do you want your coffee table to store some items or just as a decorative? If it is for storage, then you also have you consider how much storage that you want your table has later on.

Nowadays, coffee table can be completed with drawers or shelves to store any items from the kids’ toys, magazines, or other small items that you need.

Despite of the compartment to store items, you might want to consider space to store a plate or a glass down with no risk of being tipped or flipped over.

You might also think about a piece that will be able to hold snack plates or drinks easily. But, if the purpose of the coffee table is just for the sake of decoration, you can concentrate on the coffee table model that you like especially on its texture and lines.


When choosing the right coffee table, you have to consider the style that you want to build with it, whether you aim for vintage, modern, informal, formal, rustic, or any other styles that you want.

If you want to create the country style, you can choose a rustic wooden coffee table for it. To create a romantic style in the living room, you can choose a round wooden coffee table with wood en turned legs.

If you aim for a contemporary look, wooden coffee table is not your perfect choice, you need to pick a glossy metal coffee table with a glass finished.

However, there are various styles of the coffee tables that you can choose from. To help you choosing the right one, you can consider the decorating plan for the living room to be used as your guide.


Wood and iron wizard coffee table design for living room


What you need to bear in mind is that all pieces displayed in your living room should be scaled. Make sure to combine two items such as couch and table in equal size and weight. For example, you can combine big couch with large coffee table.

In contrary, combine small settee or love seat with such dainty wooden coffee table. The crucial point of scale is that it is a matter of the visual size and weight of the items in the living room are being compared equally to create perfect harmony.

After you decide all considerations stated above, it’s time to go shopping and choose your desired wooden coffee table for your living room. Only aim for the wooden coffee table which belongs to your determined consideration. Happy shopping!


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