Dining Room Wall Décor Farmhouse ideas
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Amazing Dining Room Wall Décor Farmhouse

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Transform your dining room from a monotonous room into a charming farmhouse dining space that is welcoming and warm.

Also, give your dining room extra touches for a better look. Running out of ideas?

Well, simply keep reading as you are going to find unexpected ideas to give your dining room wall décor in farmhouse style!

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1. “Let’s Eat” Art Print on Wood

As a homeowner, you always wish your dinner party guest a very pleasing dining time. After preparing some best dishes, why don’t ask for a help from your dining room wall to comfort your guests? A wooden wall plaque will do an excellent job.

Purchase or make your own print on wood saying “Let’s Eat” and hang it on the dining room wall. If you want to make it yourself, don’t forget to use a half-thick and sturdy wood and to attach a hanger on the plaque’s back so you can have a long last wall décor that can be hang easily. One more thing, give the wooden print a crisp finishing!

Quote dining room wall decor farmhouse ideas
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2. Cow Wall Plaque

Here comes another alternative plaque if you think you don’t really like ‘wordy’ plaque for your dining room. As your dining room want to have farmhouse ambience, hanging a cow wall plaque can be another great idea.

This cow wall plaque can infuse a character and a rustic touch to your dining space. This cow wall plaque is made of metal and resin and is finished with full brown color.

To get the touch of the charming farm-themed dining room, mount the cow plaque to your dining room wall.

Farmhouse dining room wall decor cow plague

3. Asheville Textured Plates

Infuse more elegant feeling to your dining room with Textured Plates from Stratton Asheville as the room wall décor. This wall décor comes with a great durability, strength, and construction from metal. The look of the plates is modern.

The overall look of the plates is modern as the hues chosen for painting the plates are brown, green, and blue. Besides, the plates also feature woven detail in rustic style and texture.

Last but not least, the plates also come with a hanger to make it ready to display. Hanging these plates on your dining room wall will surely add dimension to your dining space.

Asheville Textured Plates Farmhouse dining room wall decor ideas

4. 2 Piece Set of Stic Bicycle Wall from Stratton Home Décor

Is your dining room wall empty? Give it a wall décor with this 2-piece of stic bicycle. These two pieces display different parts of the bicycle, each of which display a half part of the old artistic bicycle.

This wall décor will surely bring a new style to your dining room wall. This wall décor features wood as the panels and also metal that comes in the hues of black, rust, and natural wood.

The wall décor design of split bicycle enables you to customize the space of the wall easily. When attaching them to a wall, you can place them separately or simply next to each other.

Stratton bycicle dining room wall decor farmhouse ideas

Any farmhouse wall décor you choose among them, the new addition to your dining room that you just chose can make you like going back to a farmhouse in an old country, although you now reside in a suburb. Those farmhouse wall decors above are ready to offer you a new touch of calmness and peace in your dining room.

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