Stone wall rustic Dining Room Wall Lighting Ideas

Most Popular Dining Room Wall Lighting Ideas

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Shape, size, and style are what it takes to set the mood of your dining room.

Those elements play so vital role in your dining space that you should not neglect.

You have to get the dining room light just right! It may look difficult but once you read our following recommendation, that’s gonna be a piece of cake!

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1. Contemporary Dining Room

Turn the vibe of your dining room into contemporary while adding an accent at the same time. All you need is crystal walls sconces. The crystal light that is shimmering will create a twist that is unexpected.

The lights will a pretty addition to the modern and understated space. Install two crystal wall sconces on your dining wall, each of which is on one side of the wall. In between the two lights, display some painting whose colors are in the same palette with the sconces.

To get the best overall design, paint your walls in beige and choose the flooring from a wood having contemporary dark tone.

Contemporary Dining Room Wall Lighting Decor Ideas

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2. Minimum Sconces for Maximum Lights

Chandelier or pendant lamps are unarguably beautiful and decorative. However, they are sometimes space consuming and crowding the room.

That’s why you need to eliminate these decorative pieces and replace them with come ceiling lights and sconces. You don’t need to install big sconces or ceiling lights.

Few lights are enough to provide enough the dining room with some lighting while minimalizing distraction.

To get a great harmony with the lights, complement your dining room with floor tiles from traditional terra cotta or espresso stained oak. For the walls, choose beige colors.

Sconce Dining room wall Lighting ideas

3. Track Lighting

If you are too bored of chandelier or sconces, you can try this track lighting. Not only will it provide lighting to your dining room, it will also be a pretty focal point of your dining space.

Even more, the track lighting can a great choice to highlight particular parts of your dining room such as a wall displaying your artwork collection.

As a result, the focal point of your dining room will be the track lighting along with a towering centerpiece and graphic artwork. Track lighting can be installed up to the ¾ height of the wall.

Track dining room wall lighting ideas

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4. Cove Lighting

Here comes another alternative of dining room wall lighting apart from ordinary lighting. Cove lighting will be an excellent choice for adding glamorous and elegant vibes to your dining room. If you want to try using cove lighting, install them on the wall in the high ledge.

This cove lighting, featuring wall sconces and bright crystal chandelier, will cast atmosphere throughout the dining room. To complement the lighting, paint your dining room wall in white and purchase some dining seating in gold tone.

Cove dining room wall lighting

Your dining space lighting is not necessarily to be complicated. Yet, that you have plenty lighting options are what make it difficult to choose. What should come first is actually the kind of mood you want to set. Once you decide it, choosing the right wall lighting should be easier.

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