Contemporary Dining Room Wall Decor

5 Contemporary Dining Room Wall Decor You’ll Love

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Contemporary dining room is what people like today and most houses have this style now.

If you happen to have the same dining room, you’ll enjoy the simplicity and modern atmosphere.

However, every dining room deserves proper decor and your wall is one of the best places for it.

Check out the following ideas for the great ones.

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1. Monochrome Photographs

Monochrome is on trend today and it will be a great match for your contemporary dining room.

Monochrome photographs all it takes to be a great decor item. It gets the drama, the simplicity, and the modern style.

Hang one or two and three with big size and you’ll get the best centerpiece to enjoy in an instant.

Take your kids photos or any view you like, print it on black and white, and frame with white borders and black frame.

Monochrome Photographs Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas for Contemporary Design

2. Shelf of Plates

While this is a common idea for classic and farmhouse dining room, shelf of plates is actually a possible idea for a contemporary dining room as well. We need to make some adjustment though.

For a start, the shelf should be finished in more modern and minimalist color. In this case, grey, white, and black will be great.

For the plates, choose a modern style and set several pieces on it. This is how you make it modern and contemporary.

Shelf plate display wall decor contemporary style dining room

3. Large Contemporary Painting

Contemporary dining room is the best place to play a little with size. For instance, you should get the large painting to hang rather than the small one, which is nice and modest but not right for this dining room.

Hang on the vacant wall and pair it with modern and simple frame. Under, you can set a counter for smaller decoration items too for enriched look. It makes a decent centerpiece while it gives the style as well.

Large contemporary painting decor for dining room

4. Random Alphabets Decor

While reading room or cafe like to hang the same wall decor, we don’t have to really spell a word with it. Instead, we can play with colors and sizes of the alphabets.

Random setting of the alphabets will be nice, so you don’t get to read it when you are eating. Make sure the colors used are within your interior palette. This is how you make it consistent.

Random Alphabets Wall Decor Ideas

5. Framed Twigs

This decor is very popular today. Basically you will hang a large frame in a consistent color to your interior decor, and add the twigs on certain setting there.

You can refinish the twigs with certain modern color, and you can leave it naturally like that too. You can DIY this decor by yourself, but you can also buy it on store. It looks like you are embracing the nature while you keep it modern and contemporary as well.    

Framed Twigs dining room wall decor

If you need some ideas on dining room wall decor, those pieces are more than enough examples to brighten up your dining room. You can take them as inspiration or you can adopt the ideas that go consistent with your dining room. So which one is your favorite wall decor?

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