Small dining room wall decor ideas with mirror and picture frame

5 Small Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

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No matter how small your dining room wall is, you still have plenty of ways to make most of it.

Even the tightest dining room wall can turn into a banquet hall if you are able to pick a proper wall décor.

Don’t let the narrow space be a barrier to having your dream dining room.

Find out the potential of the small walls of your dining room by checking our expert tips below.

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1. Build Open Shelves

Building open shelves can serve two functions here: give your dining room a new decorative item and add additional storage to store your matching dinnerware.

This open shelves idea is a best option for your tight space in your dining room.

However, you need to fill the shelves wisely. Coordinate serve ware and your plates collection in such as way so they won’t turn making the wall too full.

Add a culinary tilt under the open shelves and on a floor shelf to insert a new color to the wall area. You can let a vase of certain plants do the job.

Open shelves for small dining room wall decor ideas

2. Prop a Mirror Up

A mirror seems to be a go-to wall décor, especially for a narrow space. Mirror in this case can perform many functions such as giving your small dining room wall a new decorative piece and adding a little bit visual trickery to enlarge the small room.

The reflection of the mirror is perfect at faking larger space. To make most of the dining room décor, install some bounces light at some corners of the rooms to make your dining room airier.

Mirror up for small dining room wall decor ideas

3. Built-in Shelves and Seating

Why choosing a wall décor coming with one function if you can choose the one with many? Try making most of the small dining room wall land the space by installing built-in shelves and seating.

This built-in furniture can serve at least three functions: giving you and your dining guest additional seating, opening your dining room floor space, and adding some storage space to store your dining ware. The built-in shelves and seating is both decorative and functional.

Built in shelves and seating for small dining room wall decor ideas

4. Two-Tone Design

Two-tone design can be an alternative to dress up your small dining room walls. This interesting wall treatment includes wainscoting and or batten and board that are done in white shade.

The wainscoting can broaden the 2/3 of the way up of the dining room wall.

Then, top the wainscoting with light blue. The white shade on the wall give some light to the room, while the peacock blue in dark can add dimension to the narrow space.

Wainscoting dining room decor ideas

5. A Multifunctional Storage Bench

Incorporate a multifunctional item into your dining room scheme by installing a storage bench that employs a style of low level. The storage bench may take up few spaces of the floor.

However, the presence of the storage bench can help you streamline and declutter your narrow space and also give your dining room additional seating. To make it cooler, attach some framed prints on top of the low-level bench.

Bench storage for small dining room decor ideas

Limited space of your dining room should not limit your creativity to give it the best wall décor. The limitation can lead you to greater creativity instead. Do install the items that serve you multiple functions so that you can both décor and add function to the dining room.

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