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Most Popular Kitchen Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

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As interior design keeps developing and being more and more various, many homeowners tend to prefer informal lifestyles for their homes, especially for the area of the prepping and cooking.

These two areas of kitchen and dining room are then merged to be at the same place.

Without any proper décor, these two rooms will end up boring.

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Find out some ideas of decorating kitchen dining room wall below:


#1. 9-Piece Kitchen and Dine Inspirations Wall Décor

If you don’t have any collection to display on the wall, you can purchase Woodland Imports’ 9-Piece Kitchen and Dine Inspirations Wall Décor. The 9 pieces are made from so quality materials that it will last long.

The 9-pieces wall decorations are framed in natural wood with a blackboard to be the center of each piece.

On every piece, there are some quotes and small pictures about cooking and dining, making them a perfect decoration for this area.

You can choose to place them altogether on a single wall, three pieces on each wall, or any other arrangement.

Wood frame wall decor for kitchen dining room

#2. Bountiful Grapes Wall Accent Set

Enhance the current look of your kitchen dining room using Bountiful Grapes Wall Accents. This wall décor is made in wine and grapes theme.

This wall décor is made from resin plaques and is done to imitate the look of grape fruit that just came straight from the vine.

To get the best decoration, purchase two pieces of this wall accent in two different colors of the grapes: green and purple. After that, hang them alongside a painting. This wall décor is easy to clean. You only need a soft cloth to wipe off any dust.

Bountiful Grapes Wall Accent Set

#3. Regal Decorative Plate Display Rack

Display your favorite dining plates on a rack and show your dining guests your collection! This rack comes with a ladder style that also features a scrolling element.

This plate rack performs two functions for your kitchen dining room area which are decorating the wall and providing you extra storage for your dishes.

This metal rack comes with a finishing in lacquer and some holders in the size of 5”x7”. The holders can hold both plates and some pictures.

Go print some photos and frame them. The holders can hold up to 8”-10” sized photos.

Regal Decorative Plate Display Rack

#4. Vina Bella Wall Sconce Set of Two

Channel your love of vintage theme by displaying this Villa Bella Wall Sconce Set. This wall décor can add some soft lighting to your kitchen and dining room, while also add a pretty decorative item.

This decorative accent uses metal as the material and bronze in burnished highlights as the finishing.

Other features this wall décor offers is burgundy or purple grape cluster along with the green leaves and also a candle that can be attached to the circular wall sconce. Use either standard taper candle or pillar candle to shine some lights to the room.

Vina Bella Wall Sconce Set of Two

A new addition to your kitchen dining room can be both decorative and multifunctional. Being decorative is to add a new entertaining feature to the area and being multifunctional is to ease some of your jobs you usually carry out in that area.

If you are lucky enough in picking any wall décor, they can be the highlight of your kitchen dining room.

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