Elegant dining room wall decor

4 Elegant Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

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Dining room should be ready to welcome any person and occasion, meaning that it should be comfortable enough for a dinner of the homeowners’ family, but also elegant enough for a dinner party.

Give your dining room wall a new touch of art so that the room can be a perfect gathering for both friends and family.

Find some inspirations below:


1. Moody Mix

Give a touch of architectural charm to your dining space by adding a moody mix palette.

Expose the bricks used to build your dining room walls and give some polish to it. Use paints in fresh shades to do the polishing. Adrian Briscoe gave a perfectly elegant example on how to insert moody mix to a dining room.

The exposed bricks of the walls were painted in mauve shade. Even though the color tend to look a bit pinky, the overall impressions will rather be funky than girly.

To give more accents to the wall, attach some decorative items and or unexpected wall patterns in black shade.

Exposed brick dining room accent walls
Image: digsdigs.com

2. Gallery Wall with Various Arts

Giving your dining room walls elegant touch is as easy as creating gallery wall for the walls. Gallery wall is kind of a perfect solution for a dining space.

To make the gallery wall unusual, mix and match artworks in various sizes, finishes, and frame colors. You can also add some unexpected items to the gallery to make it more fun.

To get the best gallery wall execution, make sure you already plan the arrangement, spacing, and the whole things out before starting to work with your nails and hammer.

Gallery wall dining room rustic
Image: Decoist.com

3. A Round and Large Mirror

Yes! Mirror can never go out of style! If you mind spending too much time in making a perfect arrangement for gallery wall, try attaching a large and round mirror to your dining room wall.

A round mirror is having a moment nowadays! Mirror can also be a great solution to open up a bit of your dining space, faking the larger area.

If you want to add a mirror to your dining room but are not sure with what type of mirror works best, try going with round!

Large round mirror dining room wall

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4. Wood Accent Wall

Turn your dining room into more elegant while giving it a statement at the same time with wood accent wall. It is definitely a great choice for the dining room wall décor. Be as creative as possible to get the best décor possible.

Try using unusual woods and elements such as the reclaimed ones, woods painted in bold colors, or woods that are turned to be graphic pattern for the wall.

For getting the best overall look in the room, try to match the finishing color of the wood with the ones of your dining table and dining seating.

Wood Accent Wall dining room rustic decor
Image: homebunch.com

Infixing elegant style to your dining room is as simple as choosing the correct wall décor. Be it artwork or paint color, be it big items or the small ones, there will always be an item that can exude elegance. Elevate the ambience of your dining room by taking a bit extra works for the walls.

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