Unique Dining Room Wall Decor
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5 Unique Dining Room Wall Decor You Must Have

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Dining room is one of the rooms in which you often invite guests in.

While it needs to be comfortable for the entire family, you also need it to be impressive.

Adding unique stuffs in the dining room can be a good thing, brilliant in fact. Take a look on the following list to get you inspired.

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1. Giant Clock

While the mainstream clock is great, you should consider adding giant clock in one of the vacant walls in the dining room.

Picture this. If you have certain palette for the dining room and your furnishing is mostly on black, it will be great to add a giant clock in black.

While it makes bold statement, it instantly enriches your dining room for being a unique centerpiece.

Large clock wall decor dining room
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2. Blackboard

More than just the blackboard, you should make sure it is as large as the wall it is placed on. Instead of leaving it blank and it changes nothing, you should consider write things on it and draw stuffs on it as well. Choose objects and topics that close to your house.

Black Board dining room wall decor unique ideas
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3. Woodcraft

Rustic stuffs are viral right now, and it is possible it can help improving your dining room. For example, you can hang woodcraft piece that contains a single picture of an object like bicycle.

To fill the blank walls, choose a piece that consists of 3 pieces of same size wood palette. Then hang them together. Awesome.

Woodcraft ideas for dining room decor

4. Large Mirror

While it actually adds the impression of larger space, mirror can adds a feeling of expensive and elegant place if you know how to do it. Instead of adding regular shapes for the frames, step out of the box.

There are many other alternatives, and you can DIY it as well. Choose unusual but stylish shape for the best look.

Large mirror unique dining room wall decor
Image: Robertoboat.com

5. Fun Mural

If you have artsy hands or if you can find someone who has decent style for mural, you should consider adding this fun mural on your dining room.

It is anti mainstream, modern, and full of urban life if you know what to draw. It instantly energizes your dining room while you have an art work to display.

Mural wall art diy dining room decor
Image: gregoryarth.com

So there is no reason to stay with the mainstream when it comes to dining room decoration. You can shake it off a little and choose something special to display. While it improves your dining room, it will mesmerize people coming in it as well.

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