Dining room wall decor ideas with mirror and art picture

5 Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

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Enjoy your meal time and have yourself entertained by pretty dining room wall décor. Not only will the décor beautify the room, it will also set the room’s mood.

Set wall décor to your dining room so both you and your future dining guests can have the best dining experience.

Need some ideas? We’ve got plenty below. Check it out. We hope that will help you. Add your creativity in you projects.

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Dining Wall Decor Ideas

1. Photos and Art Wall Décor

Does your dining room have wide walls? This wall décor can suit the room well then. Turn the wide walls of your dining room into an art gallery, displaying your memorable shots and art pieces. Hang your favorite paintings, your pretty prints, other art pieces, and family photograph.

Designing the dining room wall with art and photos, however, should avoid something that is too private and provocative for the family. Remember you are displaying something your friends, neighbors, and guests will see.

2. Mirror for Wall Décor

If you think you don’t like something too complicated such as attaching too many pieces to your dining room wall, you can go with mirrors. Even though it is one piece only, this additional article can add shine and sparkle to your dining room.

Besides, the presence of the mirror can add the atmosphere of festive to the room. Add some candles or chandelier to the room for making the mirror brighten up your dining room more.

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3. Wallpaper and Decals

Infuse some new characters to your dining room by adding wallpaper and decals. Wallpaper is such a great choice to cover a flat surface elegantly and thus to carry certain style to the room.

While it is able to cover the not-really-wanted-wall-color of your dining room, it can work well as a decorative effect.

Use molding strips when attaching wallpaper to the wall so you can frame any small parts of the wall perfectly.

You can also add wall decals that work pretty similarly to the room. Choose the color and pattern of wallpaper and decal that convey the mood you want to feel in the room.

4. Collections Display

If you are a collector of a certain thing, you can display what you have collected on your dining room wall. Be it heirloom plates, vintage utensils, pitchers sitting, or other dining items, let them decorate the wall of your dining room.

In hanging them, make sure you find the best arrangements so that they won’t turn to be overwhelming. Hang them in pieces, in circles, in groups, or random patterns based on your creativity.

Dining room wall decor ideas furniture
Image: Freshnist.com

5. Painting Effects

If you want to highlight the entire space of your dining room, you’d better use painting effects.

In painting your walls, be experimental enough to try many textures, various stripes, matte or shimmery paints, strong or paint shades, and others. Yet, you need to be careful in choosing the color and the pattern as they will contribute a lot to the room moods.

Why go with so-so if you can decorate your dining room into something extraordinary? You dining moment should not be boring. Go display your collections on the wall and let it be one of favorite topics to be discussed while having dinner!


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