Blue Grey Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas

5 Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas

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Do you know that your dining room is a nice medium to do wallpaper experiment?

Chanel your inner character through the wallpaper for your dining room and create the perfect vibe for the entertainment of your dining time.

If you don’t have any idea on how to choose the right wallpaper, check the following dining room wallpaper ideas for some help!

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1. Wallpaper on Retro Geometric Style

Dare to be different and be brave enough to show your confidence by installing this wallpaper to your dining room walls. This geometric wallpaper will give the feeling of bold and retro to the room.

To emphasize the wallpaper design more, add some articles attached to the wallpaper such as pendant light and a clock. Let the articles echo the pattern of the wallpaper.

For any articles you choose, prefer the ones in pale shade to let the wooden features more noticeable.

Retro Geometric style dining room wallpaper decor ideas

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2. Wallpaper for an Open-Plan Dining Room

Don’t worry to find proper wallpaper for your open plan dining room. If you have such combine areas of dining and living, you should prioritize the wallpaper designing to the wall side that is nearest to your dining table. The wallpaper there will zone the room visually.

To choose the best wallpaper, choose wallpaper pattern and color that is matched to the scheme of your dining room. Choose the ones that include the colors from the parts of the room.

Wallpaper for an Open-Plan Dining Room kitchen

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3. Striped Dining Room Wallpaper

Dare enough to be quirky by using this striped wallpaper! Turn your dining room into bold using this wallpaper in striking white and red colors.

If you demand something bolder for the room, repeat the striped pattern to other articles of the room such as the shade of lamp and the covers of your dining chairs.

If you want to insert another color, choose the contrasting one such as yellow. This color will infuse a ‘wow’ effect to the room.

Striped Dining Room Wallpaper Painting

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4. Monochrome-themed Kitchen and Dining Room

Not favoring colorful rooms? Go monochrome! To integrate the wallpaper with the whole units of the kitchen, attach your monochrome wallpaper behind the kitchen units. Monochrome wallpaper will be a nice choice for your white kitchen items.

However, you can still add some other articles in other colors such as black and grey. Add some items in bright red to give your kitchen and dining room more accents. The bright red can also tie the eating and cooking areas together well.

Monochrome-themed Kitchen and Dining Room

5. Blue and White Wallpaper for Your Dining Room Statement

Giving your dining room a statement is just as important as giving it to other areas of your house. If you have already used wallpaper with a bold pattern on one side of the dining room’s walls, keep the rest of the walls simple by giving them few colors only.

A number of two or three colors for the remaining wall sides is more than enough to complement the wallpaper pattern. To make the pattern jump out, paint the other walls with start white shade.

Blue and White Wallpaper for Your Dining Room Statement

Don’t belittle the power of giving your dining room wallpaper! Do insert some accents, some characters, and few statements to the room.

Turn your dining room into a space more pleasing to visit and to spend time in. Set your favorite mood to your dining room by choosing a wallpaper design from our selection  above!

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