Natural wooden Dining Room Table Decor For Small Family

Dining Room Table Decor For Small Family

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Who said that grand dinner should always take place at a wide place?

The tiny dining table in your kitchen could transform into an impressive spot for family dinner, only with several twists and decorations.

You have a lot ideas to apply. See if any of the presented ideas make you interested.

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1. Dinner Corner

The corner of the house is often forgotten. It is only a place to shove the extra things you rarely use. Transform it into a fancy place for couple dinner.

It could even be a perfect spot for candle light dinner, if your corner is not too far from the window.

Set L-shape backless chair, with a fluffy pad to sit. Pair it with a round table, so the space isn’t too cramped.

The color should come from the pillows, picture frames, and the vase. Pick plain color for table and chair. Add a fancy carpet under the table for your feet to rest.

White narrow corner dining room table decor for small family

2. Floating Display

To fill in the empty space, you often pick Chinese cabinet or the sideboards. However, they have fixed form and not quite flexible to move around. Replace these sturdy compositions with floating shelves.

It would be perfect for rustic theme and western style buffet menu. Put a big board with catchy phrases about food or eating as a sign of dining area.

With this setting, a small table for two or medium table for four would be enough for the dining purpose. Free up some space on the table and set the dishes on the shelves. The other sides of the shelves are dedicated for the beverages and cutlery.

Floating display shelves for wall dining room decor small spaces

3. Stylish Nook

The space under the stair could be a proper dining area if you could prepare the items. It might not be a grand dinner, but humble setting for the family.

Drag the armless sofas to the corner and pair them with the glass rounded table. The centerpiece could be made of several candles.

Table cloth should be laid on the table, preventing the dishes drops touching the glass. If the sofas have pastel colors, the best pair would be ornamental tissues.

On the wall under the stairs, you could hang symmetrical frames to expand the corner view. Pick similar size for the frames.

Maybe, if you have not glass table, you can also use round wood table. Interesting wall mirror make the area feel larger.

Unique painting at the wall make area feel comfortable and romantic. You also can put flower pot on the table. It make fresh and awesome.

Stone cottage dining room area under stairs

4. Lantern Dinner

Feeling like having romantic dinner? Then have it in a unique, fancy way. Instead of setting the candles on the table, you could hang it inside the lantern.

Varying the height would make it look great. If possible, paint the lantern frame with pastel color. Try pastel pink for the flowers in the vase.

To go along with the theme, take the rectangular dinner cutlery from the cupboard. They present adorable concept better than square or tube-shaped glasses.

Next to the table, pull the bench chair closer. It eliminates the eye level disturbance.

Chandelier lantern decor dining rooms for small family

It is not difficult to change the atmosphere of your dinner time. There are some styles you can choose, which surely more tempting than gobbling up the food in front of the television.

Adopt the ideas above and have a proper, fancy dinner table once in a while. The result would worth every minute you invest for decorating!

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