How to decorate outdoor dining table terrace patio with wooden furniture set and candles

How to Decorate Outdoor Dining Table

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Dining room is such an essential place in a house as it functions as a family’s private space. That’s why, giving personal touch to the design of dining table is important.

Here we present you some ideas of decorating dining tables, but not the ones inside, the ones outside instead.

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1. Lush

Is the spring approaching? Let’s incorporate spring’s blooms to your dining table. Bring along vintage elements to your dining table. Never will it make your dining table look dated.

Instead, there will be a really special touch to your table. For glasses, you can use the collection of Depression-era glass.

The glass, which carries green in a rich botanical scheme, will add a great color to the table.

Also, you can refer to the same collection for your plates and ceramics. They will carry the fresh and modern touch to the table.

Meanwhile, use gold flatware for giving your dining table sparkle and warmth. However make sure you choose the matte flatware, not the silver ones.

How to Decorate Outdoor Dining Table for Spring

2. Layered Dining Table

Are you fans of textiles? New Orleans antiques dealer Ann Koerner has something unique for your dining table decorations.

What she did was layering her dining table with some textiles. She used two different textiles which have two different kinds of stripes.

The first textile she used is the Bengal stripes fabric which was layered right on the top of the table. Bengal is a type of pattern whose stripes are wide (approximately ¼” inch in width).

Meanwhile, on the top of that Bengal textile, she added another textile in Candy stripes.

Candy is a kind of pattern whose stripes are narrower than Bengal (approximately 1/8” inch in width).

You can try to copy the way Koerner decorated her dining table by combining two textiles whose patterns are in the same type but in different size.

How to Decorate Outdoor Dining Table with blue and white Scot Meacham teak furniture

3. A Dining Table in an Outdoor Terrace

Not only can you decorate your dining table with unique things on the table, you can only create different vibe around your dining table by placing the table in an outdoor terrace.

This kind of dining table decoration was created by Marquise de Ravenel’s family with their terrace at their home in the Bahamas. The terrace is their favorite spot for both their family members and their friends.

So, if you happen to have a house geared toward island life like them, where blue and white colors mingle, and tropical plants and shells surround you, bring all of them to your dining table.

For the dining appliances itself, the family uses special plates and centerpieces which were inspired by a vegetable pattern. Do not neglect the beauty of the color of the sea around you!

Dining Table in an Outdoor Terrace Amish Polywood Orchid

There are actually two ways to decorate your outdoor dining table. They are decorating the appliances on the table and choosing the right spot to enjoy your dining moment. You can choose one of those ideas to experience a new dining experience or even combine both of them at the same time.

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