How to Decorate Dining Table for Christmas with candle

How to Decorate Dining Table for Christmas

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Dining room will be the center point to do the gathering with the families in the holidays.

Especially for Christmas, family member will gather in the dining room to celebrate Christmas to have the holiday feast.

The arrangement of the dining table should be suitable with the Christmas theme itself so that the Christmas atmosphere can be felt.

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1. Christmas Tree Napkins

To make the Christmas atmosphere to be felt, there should be familiar Christmas decoration on the dining table. One of the decorations that can be made is by using napkins.

Fold the napkins so that they will be shaped like the Christmas tree and lay the napkins on the plates.

Do not forget to choose the red color that is identical with the Christmas theme.

It can be a little bit burdening to fold the napkins one by one, to make it more interesting is to ask another family member to make them so that the Christmas atmosphere will be on the decorations too.

Christmas Folding Tree Napkins for Dining Table Decoration

2. Snowflake napkin ring

Another Christmas decoration that can be used in the dining table is the snowflake napkin ring. This ring can be purchased at the store and it will be very practical compared with the first decoration.

To use it, the napkin should be rolled and the ring will secure the napkin roll. The color of the snowflakes will be white and it is suggested to use white napkin to create the winter theme for the dining table.

Snowflake napkin ring for dining table decorations

3. Cloth

The next decoration that can be used for the dining table during Christmas is a piece of cloth. White color can be chosen to bring the winter theme for the dining room.

Choosing bolder color like red is also suggested if the home owner wants to emphasize the Christmas theme since red is very identical to Christmas.

Piece of Christmas cloth for dining table decoration

4. Red ribbon

Red ribbon can also be used to decorate the dining table. Use the ribbon for the utensils like spoon, fork, or knife. Other than that, red ribbon can also be used to decorate the candle, if any, to highlight the Christmas theme.

The last thing that can be decorated with red ribbon is the chairs. Tie the ribbons on the chairs so that the chairs will be more interesting and elegant.

Red ribbon for Christmas dining table decor

5. Small Christmas tree

The most crucial thing that can be the decoration for the dining table is Christmas tree. Use the right size to make it the centerpiece of the dining table, but not too big so that it will not disturb the view.

The Christmas tree here is for emphasizing the Christmas theme, and it will be the central attention of the table.

Small Christmas Tree for Dining Table Decoration

Decorating the dining table for Christmas is somehow a little bit hard since there are a lot of choices to be chosen. The suggestion is to keep the decoration simple so that the decorations will not overpower the table or the theme itself.

Besides, choose the decorations that will bring the warm atmosphere to the dining table and dining room.

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