How to Decorate a Coffee Table for Christmas

How to Decorate a Coffee Table for Christmas

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Is it Christmas already and you want to change your coffee table decorations?

Are you searching for the best decoration? If you are, then your search has stopped.

In this article, we will discuss about the decoration you can use to decorate your coffee table. Without further ado, these are the decorations:


1. Keep it Green and Red

Christmas is identical with red and green colors. And there are many decorations that can represent this.

First, you can use apples. Take some green and red apples and put them into a basket and just put the basket on the coffee table.

Second, you can use soothing candles or normal candles. Put some with different sizes but keep the color variation to be green and red only.


2. Decorate Your Tray

Do you have a basket tray to be put on your coffee table? If you don’t then it is recommended that you buy the ones with simple design. It is better if you buy the one made from wood. If you already have it then let’s start creating the decoration.

First, prepare your basket tray and put it on the coffee table.

Second, put on some artificial pine leaves and artificial pine fruits, it is okay to fill the tray.

After that, take some of your Christmas tree decoration and put those on the basket tray. Let the green color from the artificial pine leaves point out; don’t let the tree decorations get too many and cover the pine leaves.

Third, put some soothing candles in a glass and put them on the tray. Put 2 with the same size and 1 that is taller, do not put too many or your tray would look messy.

3. White Christmas

It means you can put on some decorations without any other colors than white. To have this theme on your coffee table, follow these steps.

First, make sure that you have a white coffee table. Coffee table with different color but white is not going to work on this theme.

Second, make sure you have a white candle and you already put it in a glass.

Third, prepare your basket tray.

Fourth, prepare artificial white roses on a glass vase, artificial pine leaves and artificial pine fruit. The concept is almost the same with the theme above, but red color is omitted here.

Lastly, put those decorations on the tray, you can arrange them creatively.  Just make sure the colors are balanced.

Coffee table White Christmas decoration ideas

4. Simple Christmas

You can use this theme without the tray, but the things you need to change are the candles. Do not put them in glasses like in other themes; put them on the candle place and lit them up.

Take three of them; 2 with the same size and 1 taller than the others.

Then just put the artificial white roses and mix them with the artificial pine tree and the pine fruits. This will give simple design that enhances other decorations in the room.

These are the best decorations to represent the Christmas joy on your coffee table.  The themes are unique and each theme also enhanced the other decoration in the room as a complement. From these themes, which one of them will you choose?


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