How to Decorate a Rectangular Coffee Table

How to Decorate a Rectangular Coffee Table

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Do you want to know what to put on your favorite coffee table? There is no beauty in letting your table to be blank without any decorations on it.

So let’s stop beating the bush and let’s discuss about these decorations would make your coffee table looks mesmerizing.

1. Books or Magazines

Books or magazines are often being used as decorations on a coffee table. Why is it? It is because books and magazines give smart, simple yet elegance atmosphere to the room the table is in. To put books on your coffee table, there things need to be considered.

These things are; first is the thickness of your coffee table. If you have a thick coffee table, it means you must have ten books to be put on the table. But if your table is thin, then it is okay to have the thicker books on your table.

Second, it is the color of your table. If your table has vibrant colors, then it would better to have books with neutral colors and a little of darker colors just to balance it. Just don’t put books with bad or torn covers or your table would look dirty.


2. Artificial Plants

There is no better decoration than an addition of artificial plants on your coffee table. A bucket of artificial white roses in a glass vase is a great decoration for your coffee table.

White roses are known for its beauty and elegance atmosphere whenever put on as decoration. Don’t like white roses? You can use artificial orchid with its vase. The soft color from the orchid and the texture giving calming nuances that sooth you.

You can also pick green plants like artificial moss on small pots set or you can mix them together to create more calming atmosphere to your room.

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Black glass rectangular coffee table

3. Soothing Candles

Soothing candles are variation of incense, it has fragrant smell and they can be placed on your coffee table near the artificial plants.

These soothing candles will give you calming and soothing feeling when lighted up. While it stays on the table, it also gives calm nuance to the room.

Don’t put too many of these, just buy 2 of them with different sizes and place them nearby to each other. To keep it clean, put them in glasses so that the candles won’t melt on your coffee table and stain it.

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4. Basket Tray

Have you ever considered to buy a basket tray and to put it on your coffee table? This is a great addition to your decoration.

Where to put the basket tray if your coffee table has been full from putting other decorations? The answer is to put every decoration mentioned above into the basket tray.

This would give tidy look to your coffee table. It is simple, yet decorative. Just make sure you buy the perfect size, not too big and not too small.

These are the best decoration to keep your coffee table clean and tidy, yet giving simple, smart, and elegance nuances, also giving calming and soothing feeling. Just imagine just by putting simple decorations can give different sensations to your room.

Rectangular coffee table with glass top

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