Popular 5 Ideas Using Books for Home Decoration

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Out of the odd list you can have for house decoration, do you ever consider to take books to another level? Collecting books, believe it or not, has become a part of many people’s life.

Aside from books, people sometimes stack a lot of magazines. Give these lucky papers another chance to be a functional part of your house.

Here are decoration ideas using books. Check it out.


1. Table Decoration

The first choice for your unique book ornamentation is table decoration. Do you remember those idle times when you have to wait a little bit longer for your guest?

A clean table with a vase on it gives off clean vibe, but sets the guests with nothing to do. You could be a different kind of host by providing several colorful pages to flip through.

Basically, the books must have bright colors, lined inside exciting pictures if possible. It is okay when the magazines you find only have soft covers. The trick is not to put anything heavy on the top.

Things would be a lot better if you own the hard cover picture books. The artistic cover is another great character for a fancy table in the corner of parlor.

Coffee table living room decoration using book
Image: homedit.com

2. Framed Pages

Some people love old books more than the modern pages. Why? Because the colors and pictures are iconic. They will never be a par to the recent books, but deliver their own cool vibe to the readers.

The only turn down for this kind of archive is the high sensitivity to damp climate and termites. Don’t be surprised to find your favorite book has ripped pages.

Luckily, there is a way to save the valuable past memories of the book. Take the ripped pages and trim the rotten sides. Then, frame the page; one frame for one page.

Pick similar size for the frame. If you are a fan of attractive design, pick one specific tone for the frame. Colorful things are okay, but your guests will focus on the color instead of the framed pages.

Framed page of book for home decoration
Image: rustic-crafts.com

3. Book Pots

Since book comes from mother nature, have you thought about giving it back to where it belongs? An unused book could be a pretty pot for weeks before it decay.

These book pots will be a great ornament for your little parties or events. The material is not hard to get: you only need hard cover book. It would be perfect if the front cover has been ripped off.

The first step to do is hollowing the center part of the book. You could take any shape you want, if you can make use of the stones and plants to highlight the shape. The depth is adjustable.

Think about the mini plant you are about to put in. Don’t forget to glue the pages on the side, so they have set place. At last, you can put the stones and plants in the prepared hole.

Book pots decorations
Image: freshdesignpedia.com

4. Bookshelves as home decor

Your bookshelves can be an interesting home decor. You can place it in the living room, dining room, bedroom, up to the kitchen.

Bookshelves as home decor
Image: mythoughtlane.com

5. Book wall decorations

Sticking or hanging book on a wall is a good decorating ideas. The following figure is an good example that can be a design idea for us. Of course you can use other designs. It really depends on your creativity.

Wall decor with book

Having a pile of books, magazine and newsletter in the corner of the room might not be a preference for any of you. Many people would exile these unused papers before they become dust storage. Actually, there are ways to turn something disturbing into a blessing. Are you brave enough to take the challenge?

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