Simple DIY Traditional Home Decor Ideas

Simple DIY Traditional Home Decor Ideas

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Running out ideas for the next season? Then try to go back to the past. The old touch never grows old. It even gives off certain vibe to your room.

Compared to the other DIY projects you have had so far, these vintage style ornaments probably takes the least material and skill than you imagine.

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1. Glitter Trees

The basic decoration you could provide is the table centerpiece. It is a minimum addition that could make immediate difference for a plain table.

Since many people have one tone table in the living room, the ornament should be something bling bling. For this project, you will need a cone foam, adhesive spray, glitter, and funky ready to use ornament.

If the store doesn’t have cone shaped foam, you could simply take the regular foam and cut it to tree shape. The next step is to apply the adhesive spray and sprinkle the glitter on the foam.

Repeat this process until all the surface is covered. Let it dry for a while. On the top of the tree, attach the prepared plastic ornament.

Glitter tree centerpiece craft ideas

2. Vintage Paper Ornament

Are you working on invitation paper or thank you souvenir? Then you could make this vintage paper ornament for this purpose.

It only takes minutes of printing, cutting and gluing. For the material, you only need basic office supply, adhesive foam dots, and glitter.

First, find some vintage pictures online and save it to your computer. The one with silhouette concept will be better. Then find some old letter template for the background. Print both pictures, after you set the size to your need.

Cut the silhouette pictures while leaving small white area around the frame to spread glitter. Grab the glue and use small brush to apply it on the white area. Sprinkle the glitter on the glue.

Give 3D effect using foam. Cut the standard foam to the shape of the vintage picture. Make two holes copying the size of adhesive foam.

Attach the adhesive foam to the hollowed foam, then to the picture and letter foam. If you are planning to make it a gift, then tie a bow using twine string on the top part.

Rustic traditional ideas decoration with Love Vintage paper Ornaments

3. Gingerbread House

Those DIYers who have kids might have a broken doll house in the store room. Instead of letting it rot, why don’t you transform it to gingerbread house? You already have the base and all you need to do is decorating it! Start off with painting the whole house brown.

Using dry foam, make white wavy roof and door. Put it on a plate and stack several colorful Christmas ball around it. Be careful if you have children guest; your gingerbread house might look tasty!

Gingerbread house decorations ideas

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4. Ancient Jars and Natural Flower Pots

Presenting a rural traditional atmosphere in your room in not difficult. Antique furnishing as decoration is an interesting ideas. Makeover paint furniture into natural colors can make the room look changed drastically.

Traditional home decor ideas for living room using jars and flower pots

5. Ornament chandelier hanging

If you wish, dining room also needs a traditional decoration. It is awesome. Here, you come together with your family. Traditional atmosphere is very good to establish intimacy.

Joking together reminds of the sweet memories of the past. The illumination from antique chandelier ornaments, it is one of the main decorations.

Traditional dining room decor with ornaments chandelier hanging

6. Traditional decoration with antique wooden furniture

If you choose the right furniture, it can support traditional well. Choose an old wooden design. Combine it with sofas. It did not seem to matter. Some of the antique furniture is strong enough to bring a traditional impression.

Traditional decoration with antique wooden furniture

7. Fresh fruit decoration with trays on the table

It’s simple and easy. It make your room look natural. Combining with flower arrangements seem a good ideas. You have healthy dishes, as well as get cool and traditional atmosphere in your favorite rooms.

Fresh fruit decoration with trays on the table

8. Candles and unique ornaments decorations

Candle decoration brings a calm atmosphere. You can choose a simple candle holder. In fact, without lighting candles, your decoration is still attractive for room impressions.

Candle holder ornament decorations

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9. Reclaimed wooden wall decor

Put a wooden board with interesting sentences what you want. This image below is one of example. Some people use a wider wooden size on the walls. Natural impression on the room suitable for you who like the decoration of wood.

Reclaimed wooden wall decor

Unique ornament is the main element for our traditional home decor. From that point, you will get ton of ideas for get nice ideas to decorate our favorite room.

Considering that ornament nowadays is an inseparable part of the house, the beginning of the season is another busy time for you. Sooner or later, you might run out of ideas.

Now how about copying the common ornaments hundred years ago? The project is simple and easy, resulting in catchy items for your house. Are you ready to pull them off?

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