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One of the morning rituals that has to be done is putting accessories on your wrist, even neck and ear lobe.

While some people choose to put their jewelry on a secure place, you have an option to display them on a fancy tray.

Later on, your last minutes of accessories matching would be a refreshing moment for your eyes.


1. Tiered Trays

Your jewelry might take up a lot of spaces if you store it in vertical or horizontal box. To tackle this problem, you have the option to keep the accessories in the tiered trays. It gives you more space for mirrors and the other make up stuffs.

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In addition, you can give a choice to pick plain tiers to display the colorful jewelry, or bright patterns to be the table centerpiece.

To find this adorable tier, you could go to online store or supermarket. Are you on a tight budget? Then use your egg cups instead. Three plates in big, medium and small size would do the trick.

You also need two cup eggs or small goblets. Put the biggest plate on the bottom, turn the cup upside down and put the medium size plate. Repeat the process for the smallest plate.

Tiered tray jewelry display

2. Tart Tins

Do you have some broken cookie molds? Don’t throw it just yet. You could transform it to a pretty tiny jewelry cups. No more rushing and scavenging the accessories in a big accessories box. Aside of saving you several minutes, these cups helps you to organize the small items.

Take a look at your broken molds. Does it have holes or rusty? Cover these faults with paints and bring back the shine. For this purpose, plain and glittering coat would be preferable.

This is the interesting part: you can make pattern if you want to give different vibe. Try simple layer first: stripes and dots.

Tart tins jewelry display

3. Jewelry Shade

Among the accessories you have, there might be some items including tie and strings. Unless you have stored several necklaces before, you won’t know the struggle to unite the tangled chains.

Cut this stressing routine! It consumes a lot of your precious morning hour. Build your own revolving racks and say goodbye to tangled bracelet!

There are several options you can try. The first one is creating a frame to put the accessories. You only need an empty frame, sponge, and black or white cloth to cover the sponge.

Remove the glass on the frame. Then, cut the sponge to half globe shape and put it on the frame. Make sure the sponge cover all square area in the frame. Cover with plain cloth.

Another idea you can try requires the frame of lamp shade. Rip off the paper or cloth from the frame. Now that you have the frame, spray outer coat before you start hanging the necklace. If needed, you can install higher feet to allow the necklace hung nicely.

Lamp shade jewelry display

Where do you keep your jewelry? Even though jewelry box is the safest place for the pretty accessories you have, it cannot display your unique personalities. Moreover, things might seem so formal on the top of your table.

Create a playful but classic vibe for your dressing table by simply changing the tray and fixing the table display.

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