How to decorate cube shelves

How to Decorate Cube Shelves for Happy Home

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Cube shelves are not a new thing in the interior design. What is your favorite decorating? Is it Vintage, Minimalist, or Modern? It doesn’t matter.

The point is that the way the shelves look is the most important purpose. The happy home as well as the admirable home can be seen from the way your room is presented.

Here are the tips to make the interior is on fire.


1. Begin with your passion

If you like to write, you can put all of your work in the shelves in the arrangements. Sometimes the white blank document could be the key of glamorous scenery.

Therefore, you can start with the grouping. Put the novels and the artworks in the one side of the selves and the documents with the same color in the other said.

Megan Samuels, the Interior designer in Manhattan, California, she said that the grouping will make the looking become more stunning and it will become the biggest bang.

2. Make it functional

Do not worry to be odd. You can play with the change of the shelf height, make it asymmetrical. It makes the people who see it not easily get bored.

In New York, the people use sparkle things when designing the cube shelves. You can put glass and crystal on the displays.


3. Make your own home gallery

Photos and picture not only can be hung in the wall. You can hang it in the shelves. Find the good spot and combine it with books. For example you can hang the picture of the sea besides the shelves with the fishing books in it.

4. Try to use simple and traditional object

You can placed the woods or artificial things in it, but do it carefully. If you like this method, it will cost less than the others. Organize the storage with the minimalist style.

2 cube storage shelves

5. Use color pattern

If you like to play with color, just arrange the book by color. It will become attractive if you can make it as colorful as possible. Remember that the color has its own meaning. Blend the color carefully. If you like monochrome, you can use black and white and make the view become elegant.

Sometimes, spiritual medication is needed, in that case use magenta. Magenta is the symbol of universal harmony and emotional balance. If you like to boost you, the red or orange color is the best option. Red can stimulate appetite while orange is the color of optimism and social communication.

6. Make a wine rack.

Who says that you have to make a wine cellar to save wines? You can do it in your own cube shelves. Make the person amaze with the creativity, design the cube in a shape of wine cellar and put the wines there. But aware with the temperature degrees because the good wine is always saving in the low temperature.

The passion and creativity play a huge rule in making the home interior look amazing. It depends on the way the owner apply it. Apply the imagination as high as possible and mix it with the design of the shelves. It will become mind blowing yet great to do.

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