Bathroom Lighting Ideas Modern

Soft Bathroom Lighting Ideas Modern

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The first rule of bathroom lighting is to find the proper spot. Without careful consideration, you might end up installing too little or too much lamps.

Now that your bathroom is bright and clean, it is time to play with the tone. Lamp could make a lot of atmosphere, and one of the lovely choice is soft theme.


1. For Chic Bathroom

If you love glamorous setting, having plain wall would be a sore for your eyes. Then go wild with silver and gold on bright color! Give a soft touch at the end with orange or yellowish light from elegant pendant.

Make sure you install it correctly: at least 8 feet above the tub. This distance will give you enough space to stand up without bumping your head to the lamp.

2. For Vanity Area

You have two models choices for vanity lighting: bar and sconces. Since the light from bar would be too much, it is better to install a pair of sconces instead.

Particularly, it is because it produces dim light, enhancing romantic vibe. Plus, it would not hurt your eyes in the morning.

3. For Master Bathroom

Another option for soft light is 24 sleek chrome branches in low-voltage LED bulb. This is a smart choice for your king size master bedroom.

Lighting still consumes electricity, no exception for the low energy one. LED absorb least energy compared to incandescent or CFL models.

Moreover, it shines more area than the other mentioned product. While being fancy is a necessity, don’t let the bill escalates quickly in the end of the month.

Bathroom lighting modern contemporary

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4. For Shower Area

Tricky. It must be your first impression while considering installing additional bulb in the shower area. Probably your fainthearted side runs a scene where the bulb explode, spreading the electricity through the water, electrifying your body.

As long as you take fixtures rated for wet or damp area, everything will be fine. What about shell-shaped bulb installed on the wall?

5. For The Center Ceiling

After you have done with layering step for glamorous look, there should be a way to tone the items down. Since bright lighting will make each item stand out, it is better to use big glass chandelier in the center.

It provides enough illumination. Don’t worry about the color: white or yellowish bulb will give similar result.

6. For Sparkling Corner

Some people prefer to have overall plain decor but then add little sparkle in the corner of the room. Who said soft can’t have bling bling feel as well? Try to hang beaded pendant on your glitzy lighting or any tube-shaped fixtures.

The color gradation will be the focal point of your bathroom. If you want the ready to use one, visit the store and ask for crystal pendant.

Bathroom is one of the private spot in the host after bedroom. The one reason is enough for you to enunciate your own color. It is good to know that certain lamp position could bring different feel to the room. You don’t have to rip off the whole room, and only add little touch.

Modern bathroom lighting design ideas

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