Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

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Vanity is often the focal point of a bathroom. This applies for modern bathroom as well.

In order to make the vanity pops up and fully functional even during the night, the lighting should be well considered.

The following ideas aren’t only modern but also functional at the same time.

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1. Tubular Sconce

Many of this light are now available on LED lights as well, providing energy-saving option with ultimate and healthy brightness.

The tubular sconce alone represents modern design which is a perfect match for modern bathroom. Place a pair of the sconce on both sides of the mirror. It will define your vanity by adding brightness.

At the same time, it is helpful when you need to use the mirror for a makeup session. Choose one with slim design for more contemporary touch.

Tubular sconce for bathroom vanity lighting

2. Copper Pendants

Pendants are not always about modern style but with standard cap, these styles are totally modern. For more contemporary touch, choose copper for the material, color, and final shade. Hang the lights right above the vanity for maximum lighting.

You can also choose small pendants and hang two or three pendants near the vanity. It adds elaborated look while it also remains functional at the same time. In alternative to copper, you can also opt for black or grey to keep it modern.

Copper Pendants for bathroom vanity lighting

3. Understated Ceiling Light

This is a popular light option when you like modern style with a minimalist touch on it. It has simple design while it gives ultimate function as well. Simply hang one above the vanity area for maximum brightness.

In alternative to one light, you should consider adding two small lights for the vanity area. It makes sure it spreads the light evenly. If you have two sinks, two lights will be the best option to try.

Understated Ceiling Light for bathroom vanity lighting

4. Table Lamp

Table lamp is available on many styles including modern. If you need modern lighting option, this can be a great alternative. Simply add one lamp on each end of the vanity.

Place it near to the wall so you still have counter space for your activities. Modern table lamp is often available in simple and space-saving design.

It gives you enough brightness while it also functions as decoration in the bathroom. Choose contrasting color for more focal touch in the area.

Table Lamp for bathroom vanity lighting

5. Vanity Strip Light

This light represents modern in many ways. It is available in very simple design, a long strip of light. It often uses LED lights with nice and healthy brightness and it already looks modern.

For best vanity lighting, you can hang it right between your vanity counter top and your mirror. In alternative to it, you can also hang it above the mirror. It allows you to have a lighting option for both the vanity and the mirror.

Vanity Strip Light for bathroom lighting

The idea of modern lighting for your bathroom vanity should lie on its simplicity of the design, ultimate function, and space-saving shape. Choose one of the ideas above and see how it emphasizes your bathroom modern atmosphere.

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