Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas for high ceiling

Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas for Beginners

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Are you currently puzzled with your bathroom lighting option?

Looking for something that could easily fit your bathroom design without eating too much space and not out of place?

Pendant lighting might be a good choice for you, as it will help all of the concern about your bathroom lighting. Here’s why:


1. There’s thousands of choices

Pendant lightning had very vast choice and design. Don’t get overwhelmed, big quantity means you had more chances to find what might fit your liking.

Try to surf the stores and get catalogues or take pictures as you need in case you need to think more about it back home.

Don’t just stick to a type of lighting too – there are hanging pendant lighting, stick on ceiling, and wall lamps. Try to get as many resource as possible and imagine them in your bathroom.

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2. It’s versatile

As mentioned before, there are different types of pendant lighting. Take this to your advantage and see what can work with your layout.

Smaller bathroom would have stick on ceiling or wall lamps fitting better, since they took less space. The shape of the bathroom counts too.

What works in rectangular floor plan wouldn’t work on trapeze, triangle, circle or any other shape your creativity came out with. Pendant lighting is a great option to solve it. You’ll definitely able to obtain what fits.

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Bathroom diamond design pendant lighting ideas

3. They would chic your bathroom

Nowadays, pendant lighting came with endless variety of design. Some even look more like an artwork than just a lamp.

So, if you’re planning to make your house extra personalized, this would be a great opportunity to add your bathroom to the list. Depending on the design you choose, they can be a great side kick or center piece of your bathroom.

They are also a good exhibit; in case you have to take some time in the room. And trust the idea of putting this extra step because it will bring positive feedback from your guests!

4. Easy installation and placing

It’s a real ease, especially if you choose wall lamp. You wouldn’t need to get your stairs out of your cluttered garage, just grab the essential tools and you’re ready to roll. Pendant lighting can be easily placed too.

If you want to focus the light to your mirror, just install them to the sides or the top. If you want the attention on your bath tub, install some to the sides or get one fancy hanging pendant lamp.

For showers, stick on ceiling type is perfect since there’s less risk getting wet there. Pendant lamps easier to place than bland fluorescent bulb and totally would do the job.

Don’t be afraid damaging the lamps out of big splashes – the lamp shade also serves as protector from your wet business.

And that’s all the pros of pendant lighting. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t fit, you’re free to choose from other options. In case you are unconfident with your choices and have questions, never be afraid to ask for professional help. Good luck!

Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas for modern small space

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