Unique Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Unique Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Rule Breakers

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Surfing to the stores, bathroom lamp designs can get really monotonous.

You can get to a store and see that there are at least three similar lamps with slight differences in their designs.

Found that boring? Want your bathroom to be more than just ‘store-bought design’? Here are some ideas to rock that:

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1. Utilize your unused property

Are you a crafter at heart? Then be ready to DIY your own bathroom lamp! This is a really good option, especially when you’re on a tight budget or need to get rid of stuffs.

Try to gather what you can use; it can be trashes like paper cups or plastic bottles, dusting accessories deep from your closet, scraps from other DIYs – just put them to your crafting table and see what could work.

Of course, the results depend on your skills and the effort you put in this.

You can cut your plastic bottle or paper cup bottoms and install your lamp for something instant or use your extra bowler hat or canary cage and arrange your lamp in it.

Paint glass bottles you’ve been storing in the cabinets and drill the backs for installing the post is another great idea.

Unique Bathroom Lighting fixture Ideas

2. Blend them to the environment

Nobody said the light had to be in plain sight. You could take this idea to your advantage. Dent your ceiling and install box beams to it.

Since your lamp installed flat with the ceiling, it would look like you put magic there or there’s sunlight passing through depending on how you did it.

You can also install them behind the mirror or buy integrated LED mirrors. This is a great idea for those that like to spend hours in front of their mirror, since it worked like a ring light and will assist your-make up needs.

Another idea is to put sculpture wall lights that would blend to your wall.

If your wall is covered with tiles, try to find or make the lamp shade just the same size and design as the tile and install it directly without the lamp post showing – it would look like your tiles had popped out and glowing like a bit art. If you don’t use tiles, try to match the pattern of your wall painting or wallpaper.

3. Put your personality on it

Are you a fan of some movie characters? You can put a lamp with an iron-man shade or whatsoever. Or do you want try to be an actor in your bathroom? You can put some vintage studio lamps so it feels like you are having a movie scene shooting.

It’s a good idea to put your personality on bathroom lighting. It can be a statement of your bathroom but be sure that it matches the concept of your bathroom.

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Those are some of ‘spice’ to add to your custom lighting design. Of course, you can mix the two ideas to create something new or add your own ideas as you go. Just don’t forget to install your bulb when you’re done. Get that creative brain working!

Interesting and atractive Unique Bathroom Lighting Ideas for small space

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