Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Small Bathrooms

5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Small Bathrooms You Must Consider

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Small bathrooms don’t need much light source but it may need the right choice of lighting to enhance and enrich the decoration as well.

Small bathroom tends to be timid, and a little elaborated lighting can be a great improvement for the atmosphere.

Here are several options that you should consider.


1. Semi Flush Lighting

There are so many designs available for this lighting, from round to rectangle. Each of the design can be different and it can represent different styles as well. You can literally find the right design for the right style.

A small semi flush lighting is often bright enough for a small bathroom. It spreads the light evenly so every corner of the room is well lit. The attractive design gives the room the right ambience to feel too.

2. Light Bulb Pendant

Pendant is a great alternative too. Unlike standard pendant in which the cap covers and stops some of the light spread, light bulb pendant has brighter light and better spread.

You don’t need a big bulb to light the whole room. Just make sure not to hang it too low. The right height will deliver you the right brightness.

For ultimate energy saving and brightness, choose LED light bulb for the pendant. Many of recent pendants are LED though.

3. Small Flush Mount Lights

Instead of using one in big size, you can try to install three or four of this light on each corner of the room. It allows you to get the right level of brightness in every space of the room without going too much on lighting.

In addition to the brightness, this lighting will give you a little romantic nuance not to mention sleek and smooth setting as well. Perfect placement will give you five star look in the bathroom.

4. LED Mirror Frame

This lighting option becomes more popular today. It basically frames your vanity mirror and creating the most vibrant atmosphere in the bathroom.

It makes the vanity area a focal point in the bathroom while it makes great additional lighting as well in your small bathroom.

It helps in fulfilling the need for brightness in the room while it gives you perfect task lighting around the mirror. It is easy to install and it is great for energy saving as well.

5. Light Tubes

This modern option is a great alternative to consider. Its design makes it possible to be attached nearly everywhere in the bathroom. From on the sides of the mirror to the ceiling, this lighting looks great and delivers great light into the room.

Depending on the design, you can choose from modern to rather traditional style to have. Please consider the brightness. In a small bathroom, you don’t necessarily need to use too many lights.

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Basically, there are several great options that you can consider. Depending on your style, there are many kinds of lighting options you can actually use. Please adjust its brightness with your room size. Don’t go too bright or the room will felt hot.

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