LED Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

LED Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

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There are actually limitless ideas for bathroom ceiling lighting especially when you decide to use LED lights.

You don’t necessarily need many lights when you use LED as it has enough brightness.

However, if you consider the ceiling as its place and you also need style, the following ideas should amuse you.

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1. LED Venetian Chandelier

Venetian chandelier has been an iconic detail in a vintage interior. It gives a touch of elegance while it can be dramatic as well. You can consider hanging this chandelier in your bathroom and elevate the atmosphere.

Instead of old bulbs or candles like the original, you can replace them with LED bulbs. It is pretty easy to find matching LED bulbs for this kind of chandelier.

While it delivers drama, you get enough brightness for the whole bathroom sections and your bill will be amusing as well. This light makes perfect mate for European vintage bathroom.

Rustic bathroom design with Venetian Chandelier

2. LED Disco Ball

This idea is actually brilliant especially for a modern bathroom. Disco ball can be a little bit retro. However, it can be a fun twist to use the same LED lights colors on the ball.

It gives consistent atmosphere, and it is bright enough from any side of the bathroom. The best thing about this light idea is how it elevates your bathroom into a more fun and younger room.

It gives a little glam in the room, and it makes festive treat for a guest bathroom as well. You don’t need the disco effect but you can if you want to.

Led disco ball for bathroom lighting ideas

3. Ceiling Strips

This lighting idea is actually very popular right now. Most of the design involves long and thin LED lights which are attached to the ceiling.

Not just in any point, it is commonly attached at the edge of the ceiling, adjusting to the ceiling shape. It is not hard to imagine and it is not hard to apply as well.

It practically lights up the entire bathroom while it somehow improves the interior value of the bathroom. Your bathroom space will be vibrant and it will look expensive. It won’t hurt your wallet as well.

Led Ceiling Strips for bathroom lighting ideas

4. Drippings LED Lights

It is an elegant option of lighting. It is commonly available in circular hanging design or rectangular. Both are dazzling.

You will hang ceiling light with long LED lights that look like dripping down. Some are shorter than the others.

This kind of lighting isn’t only effective but also decorative. It instantly switches your bathroom into an elegant space with vibrant and stylish atmosphere.

It looks young and fun as well on several designs while it also makes sure you have focal point in the bathroom. If you like a touch of glam and dramatic nuance, this is your light.

LED Rain Shower Heads Ceiling

LED lights make thing easier. It offers great and healthy brightness while it is very friendly for the wallet as well. If you need inspiration for bathroom ceiling lights, those LED lights ideas are fun to adopt. Adjust your choice with your preference and bathroom interior style.

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