Ceiling Mount Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Ceiling Mount Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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Ceiling mounted bathroom light is the most common kind of lighting to apply. It offers great coverage and standard installation.

However, it doesn’t mean we have to use only the standard lighting. We can use several more interesting ideas to provide not only appropriate lighting option but also decorative details.

Check out the following ideas.

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1. Small Crystal Chandelier

If you have a small bathroom with elegant finish, this option is a perfect choice. It doesn’t only give direct lighting to all corners but also adds a touch of elegance in the room.

Depending on the color theme in the room, you can select several options including gold finish, silver, and even copper.

If your room is a little feminine, gold and silver can strengthen the classic feeling. Make sure it has new technology for energy saving strategy.

2. Industrial Lighting

Surprisingly, this lighting option is an appealing option for houses now including for bathroom. Being available in many sizes, you can adjust the choice by the bathroom size. It enriches the unfinished style of your styling.

Incorporated with black windows frame and bright rooms, this lighting option doesn’t only make a perfect light source but also a nice decor for your bathroom.

It looks modern, efficient, and very young at the same time. It is also available on LED so you have energy saving option.

3. Glass Ceiling Light

You can pick your own favorite design for this. It can be a bowl-like light or something more modern or elaborated.

Glass is a great alternative to crystal. It is cheaper but it delivers the same elegant and expensive touch in the room. It doesn’t only give a bathroom the right amount of light but also style.

The sparkle is a delightful addition in the room and it gives the right amount of light for your art display as well.

4. Hanging Crystal Pendant

This is another stylish option. It is recommended to hang this light near to the vanity and mirror. It will sprinkle soft glow throughout the bathroom in addition to giving the right amount of lighting you need in the room.

You can use a small one if you plan to hang it over the sink and mirror.

However, we can also use the big one for the entire room. Choose modern design to give an up-to-date look and choose more classic design for vintage style.

5. LED Ceiling Strip

You can add LED strip light on all edge of your ceiling. It is simple to install and attach, and it elaborates your bathroom with modern and minimalist design.

If you add enough LED in your bathroom, you will get more than just good lighting but also decorative illumination to add some drama in the room.

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Why do you have to go timid on your bathroom lighting while we can have more options to go? Adjust the design of your lighting to your bathroom design. Choose one of those options and see how it works. Which one do you want to try?

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