Rustic Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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Rustic is a pleasant style for style and décor and it makes perfect look for bathroom lighting as well.

While it is available with wide options at the store, there are so many DIY ideas as well for this lighting. If you need some ideas, you can check both for finding the best look.

The following ideas are no less attractive as well. Check this out.

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1. Old Lantern

It is perfect to be placed on either side of the mirror. It doesn’t only look dramatic and scenic, it also offers comforting dimming light in the area.

This can’t be the main lighting in your bathroom but it should make great vanity lighting. Don’t forget to damage the paint a little for more rustic feeling.

Old lantern and old sink for rustic bathroom lighting and design ideas

2. Graters Pendant

This is a popular idea today. Many people replace their standard pendant cap with old graters. It makes pretty good filter and it totally gives you the rustic look. It is more a décor than an actual lighting.

Graters pendant for bathroom rustic lighting design ideas

3. Wood and Mason Jar Semi Flush

Basically you will use the wood as the base. The light bulbs will be hanging down with mason jar being the filters. It is a perfect lighting for a bathroom and kitchen. Use several bulbs at once for a little drama in the area.

Wood and Mason Jar Semi Flush

4. Logs and Candles

This can’t be your main lighting but it makes a perfect lighting idea to use near the tub. It basically provides a hole on top of the logs, which you set vertically.

The hole is perfect for candle holder. If it is a DIY item, make sure it is layered to prevent from burning.

Candles near tube

5. Barn Wood and Light Bulbs Ceiling Mounted

Use the barn wood for base and attach several light bulbs on consistent space in between. Mount these lights on the ceiling and you have rustic look and efficient lighting for the entire bathroom. You can use LED bulbs for ultimate shade.

Barn Wood and Light Bulbs Ceiling Mounted for Bathroom rustic lighting

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6. Rusted Iron and Edison Bulbs

The rusted iron is going to be the handle. From there, hang several Edison bulbs with its yellow light.

It adds warm and really rustic feeling while it also provides just enough lighting for the bathroom. Add some area lighting for best illumination.

Rusted Iron and Edison Bulbs

7. Middle Age Chandelier with Rope Accent

Chandelier in a bathroom, yes! This chandelier is made of rusted looking iron which makes it a perfect idea.

You can use LED lights instead of real candle but you should add rope for accent. It gives you the chill while it is a pleasant rustic piece.

Middle Age Chandelier with Rope Accent

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8. Wooden Structure with String Light

Choose a simple wooden structure with rustic look and mount it on one of your bathroom walls. Add accent with single color string light on it, and you have simple lighting with rustic style and a décor at once. It can’t be the main lighting option though.

Wooden Structure with String Light

The idea of rustic is using used and rusted things. You can make it yourself while store offers fine finished items as well. All of those ideas are great to use. Pick one that matches the interior best.

Rustic lighting ideas for contemporary bathroom design

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