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Ways to Keep Bathroom Faucets Brushed Nickel Shiny

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At first, bathroom faucets brushed nickel is so glowing and charming, pointing out to the finishing sparkle.

However, the point that makes this nickel faucet popular also makes it a little troublesome to clean.

Unlike the durable and less charming material that could stand almost any kind of treatment, this shiny faucet has special know how.

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Ways to Keep Bathroom Faucets Brushed Nickel Shiny

The Tools

1. Using Cloth

The simplest thing to do is using cotton based cloth to wipe the faucet. This is the daily maintenance that will help you eliminating the dust, smudges, or any water mark.

Instead of doing it sloppily, circular motion will clean the faucet better. If the gunk has built up near the faucet neck, dip the cloth to a bowl of warm water.

Put the wet cloth on the gunk for a while, before wiping it.

When you see that the water is not cleaning the gunk thoroughly, grab a plain soap: the one without any scent or additives. Mix some drops of the soap to a bowl of water, and use it to clean the stubborn gunk.

2. Applying Wax

Once a month or every other month, you are going to take a polishing day. You might have to stop by a store and buy the waxing product for nickel.

Read the instruction carefully and see if the brand is compatible with any nickel product. If necessary, you can ring the costumer service and ask directly to the staff.

Prepare cotton and apply a thin layer of wax on the faucet surface. Allow the wax to stay on it for several minutes.

Restrain yourself to run the water from the faucet. Approximately five to ten minutes after layering, you can wipe the wax with clean cotton in circular motion.

3. Using Vinegar

You cannot immediately pour the vinegar to your nickel faucet. First, you need to dilute it with normal water: one glass of water and one glass of vinegar.

Take a cotton bud and dab it to the solution. Pick the spot on the back of the faucet to try out the solution. Wipe the cotton bud on a limited area and let it sit for half an hour.

If the nickel color is not changing, then it is a green light to go with the whole faucet. Right after the vinegar cleaning is done, use wet cotton to clean the vinegar residue. The final touch would be wiping the faucet with dry cotton cloth.

Wall mounted bathroom faucets brushed nickel

Big Mistakes to Do

Those who do not bother to learn more about the correct ways to maintain the nickel faucet will tend to do these mistakes. Make sure you are not one of them.

1. Using Hard Surface Cleaner

Well, it is definitely bad because this product would make scratch to the nickel. Guess what? A single scratch on nickel cannot be undone; it will last forever.

2. Picking Alcohol or Ammonia Based Products

The problem with this product is its destructive ingredients to natural nickel color. Once this alcohol or ammonia based product touch your faucet, it will take out the shine.

It turns out that any metal-based furniture has bad relationship with chemical. Moreover, the bathroom furniture will be exposed to water and certain level of humidity.

Luckily, you know how to deal with this situation; wipe clean, polish the surface and last source is diluted vinegar. One of these methods should be enough to maintain your bathroom faucets brushed nickel.

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