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Top 6 Secrets to Successful Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

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If you don’t believe that there is a bathroom remodeling project on a budget, you watched too many remodeling shows on TV.

There are actually deep and dark secrets to this that will probably make you unpopular during cocktail party conversations. Take a look at the list below and unlock the secrets.


1. Resurface or Cover, not Replace

This is a very principal secret. While other people want to replace, you must think about covering or resurfacing. Let’s take an example.

Wainscot is easy to install and it makes a great cover for your lower portion of your bathroom walls. It works great with mild and mildew just it does with minor holes and dings.

2. Alternative to Porcelain Floor

Porcelain or granite floor will hurt your bank account. The purchase alone already blows the budget. So what do we have for alternative? We need vinyl flooring.

It looks way better than it was years ago. For luxurious look, you can prefer on alternatives like plank vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring (LVF).

3. Refinish Your Tub

Refinishing your bath tub or shower is the best thing to do. Some nicks, cracks, and yellow surface will be a problem no more with refinishing. You will want to deal with cracks and nicks issues first before you finally cover the yellow surface with refinishing.

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4. Do Your Own Painting Job

If you are painting the whole house, you will need to call a professional painter. However, painting a bathroom is a whole different case.

It is a way smaller room. Learning the right technique, you can finish painting the whole room within two days alone.

5. Install Your Own Toilet

Even though it sounds hard, you don’t actually need a professional to do this. Literally, the hardest part of this project is moving the toilet to the expected place. Of course, it is entirely solvable with affordable hand truck or several pairs of your friends’ hands.

6. Leave the Major Plumbing Alone

If it humanly possible, let’s not move the major plumbing. Moving the plumbing will change the plan and it costs a lot of money.

Unless the current setting is not right, we can upgrade the outside with several tricks. However, if you are an expert on plumbing, you can go on with the plan.

7. Install Your Own Vanity and Its Top

It is a small room and it doesn’t have a lot vanity top for you to install. After learning the tutorial, we will be able to place the vanity and its top appropriately within a couple of hours. The top size is available from 24 to 60 inches, and some of them are already infused with sink.

As we can see, there is more we can do even when we are on a budget. The high cost of bathroom remodeling is always sickening and it really pays to think just outside the box. Those secrets deliver you fully functional, bright, and clean bathroom in addition to more money on your bank account. Congratulations!

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