How to remove mold and mildew from shower stall

How to Remove Mold and Mildew from Shower Stall

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Do you ever have cold shiver on your back when you find mold and mildew on your shower stall?

Fight these dangerous fungi by doing these steps below.

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The Types of Shower Mold and Mildew

Basically, mold and mildew refer to the same fungi. Mildew is the “younger” mold. Thus, identifying mildew and get rid of it immediately is equal to removing the mold itself.


There are several mold colors, which represents the toxic or non-toxic substance as well as the danger.

1. Pink Mold

When mold is a fungi, pink mold actually belongs to bacteria category. It spreads in bathroom area such as shower head and bathroom floor.

This bacteria could bring health problems for those who inhale it. The common cases are respiratory problem in senior patients and urinary tract infection in adults.

2. Green Mold

This mold belongs to “toxic” category. It could grow in an area with a steady level of high humidity. In most cases, green mold forms colony with green and blackish in color.

You can recognize this colony as green mold in various growth stages. This colony spreads fast due to the damp environment. Inhaling large amount of green mold sponges may cause bad condition to lungs or usually called as Aspergillosis.

3. White Mold

If you see something similar to powder attached to your shower stall, then it is the white mold. People can notice it easily when the mold had grown big and have long fur. It may even worse because of the color.

White mold can put itself into disguise among the white bathroom walls. This mold can cause eye and respiratory problems, nausea and headache.

How to Clean Mold and Mildew from Shower Stall

How to clean shower mold and mildew

1. Save yourself and the family

As mentioned above, mold is dangerous if you inhaled it. Therefore, you have to wear mask, goggle and gloves also. Make sure that any of your pets and family members have been relocated to a room far from the bathroom.

The cleaning solutions and the mold will release dangerous substances into the air. Of course, you do not want them to inhale such harmful thing.

2. Make the mold cleaning solutions

You can choose either the nature-friendly or the hard solution. If you have toddlers or younger children, it is suggested to choose the nature-friendly solution. For the hard solution, you have to mix 1 cup of bleach and 1 cup of water into the spray bottle.

This solution is not preferred because of the fumes produced after dissolving in water. However, it is the most effective option for severe mold.

For the nature-friendly solution, you can choose between white vinegar or baking soda. Make the solution by putting a half cup of white vinegar or baking soda into a cup of water.

The next step is to spray the solution to shower stall. Let the mixture does it work for five to fifteen minutes. Scrub the area by using an old brush or stiff bristle. Rinse thoroughly by using clean running water.

3. Let the room dry

Keep the room ventilated and close the faucet or shower head. Let the shower head dry completely before use.

Slimy substance in the shower stall may be mold. Considering the harmful disease it may cause, immediate action is needed. Follow the steps above to clean your shower stall.

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